Day trip – Bellingrath Gardens, Alabama

Mother’s Day is always a special day. A lot of women receive flowers, have meals cooked for them or are taken out to a nice restaurant, or maybe even receive jewelry. I LOVE flowers, but I always feel so sad when they die so quickly.

This year, my sweet pea of a child said he wanted to take me to Bellingrath Gardens outside of Mobile, AL. (Of course, he’s too young to drive or have a job, so it was on me, but still, it was a sweet thought). So, off we went. It’s spring time, everything was blooming, and the place did not disappoint. Being able to see all these flowers was waaaaay better than a bouquet, no offense.

Bellingrath Gardens covers 65 acres and was the home of Walter and Bessie Bellingrath.

One of the first things you see after you pay a reasonable admission is a greenhouse that is filled with Bromeliads, orchids, and all sorts of beautiful flowers.

Then there’s a rose garden that is absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure how many varieties there are, but they are all well labeled and blooming like there’s no tomorrow. When one starts to die, they have a replacement on hand. There’s also a large fountain in the middle of the rose garden that was nice and cool.

One of my favorite places is the Japanese garden. It’s exactly what you’d expect: peaceful, tranquil, and laid out in perfect fung shui. There is a long winding path that takes you around by a small hut, then up the hill past a large gate, then down around to the pond where the koi will follow you around the narrow boardwalk.

There are several fountains throughout the gardens, a lake, and a bayou, all of which are host to many creatures. We saw 5 snakes near the water areas, but the majority skittered away. The one on the boardwalk had been napping in the sun and wasn’t too keen on getting out of our way, but we were able to finally pass and enjoy the rest of the boardwalk through the bayou.

There is also a dining room close to the front of the gardens and we had a very filling meal out in a little courtyard with a crane statue in a fountain (pictured above). There are also picnic tables close to the parking lot if you choose to bring your own food. It was a perfect day to be there. The weather was mild (I’ve been in July when it’s been sweltering).

One part of the tour I’ve never been on is the tour of the house. There is an extra charge for that, but honestly, I could spend all day just looking at the plants outside. At some point I would like to go back for the Christmas lights. I’ve heard great things about it and that it is worth the trip.

Bellingrath Gardens is well worth it if you’re close to the Mobile, AL area and don’t mind a side jaunt off the beaten path. And there’s always something blooming around the corner.

Peace and love, everyone.

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