Day trip – Dauphin Island, AL

It is FINALLY starting to warm up. I say that as I’m sitting here shivering as a spectator through soccer practice. But we are seeing 70 degrees and sunshine and that is all that matters.

The goal this year has been to take a trip somewhere every month, even if it’s a day trip. This month we went to Dauphin Island, AL.

Dauphin Island is the kind of place you kinda have to want to go to. It’s at the very end of the western shore of Mobile Bay. You can get there by ferry from the eastern shore or take the interstate and make the exit south.

However, our focus for the trip was the Estuarium. It’s a smaller aquarium with a whole lot of information regarding the bay and the watershed into the delta. If you’ve never been to Mobile, AL, it’s pretty much at sea level. It’s a very shallow bay area that is a nursery to a wide variety of sea life, not to mention the birds and reptiles and the plethora of other animals that call that area “home”.

For a note to all parents, there is a gift shop right there by the front door, so beware. Beyond that, there are quite a few exhibits with great examples of fauna. We saw some beautiful fish, some strange fish, small fish, big fish, red fish, blue fish…

The most fun for us was watching the sting rays in the outdoor exhibit. It looked like you could feed them and touch them at one point, but probably due to the current happenings there was a sign posted to not touch them. That was disappointing, but the stingrays did not disappoint.

Afterward, we had a quick picnic lunch and went across the street to see Fort Gaines. Unfortunately, one of our masks had been lost between the two places and we were unable to go inside. (NOTE: all children over a certain age are required to wear a mask until further notice.).

There is a battery outside the fort that was worth checking out while we were right there. There is a great view of the gulf from the top of the battery. There isn’t much to see, but it was still enjoyable.

We were going to take the ferry home, but we would have had to wait. The attendant told us the ride is about 25 minutes and that it drops you off on the eastern shore near Fort Morgan. For history buffs, that would be a great day trip. Two forts in one day.

Either way, it was a great day and we thoroughly enjoyed being back by the water and breaking our stint of cabin fever.

Peace and love, everyone.

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