My new best friend 🧺

So, I don’t rave about things often, whether for good or bad, but when something has changed my life, I’m all about giving a shoutout.

One thing I’ve constantly been dealing with is laundry. Hey, who hasn’t? But in the living situation I’m in, I have to haul laundry outside my home. Rain or shine, heat or cold, like I’m the post office. There’s no emergency washing. There’s no soaking. There’s no small loads. It’s the laundromat on site. $1.75 wash, $1.75 dry. And if it ain’t dry, well, that’s another $1.75 and 45 more minutes out of my life, plus the walking back and forth.

One day I went over there, carrying 2 loads and EVERY washer and EVERY dryer was in use and there was a line. I had stuff to do before we pulled out on our trip the following morning to Fort Mountain State Park in Georgia (which did have laundry facilities somewhere).

I just want to wash my undergarments privately, I don’t want to drag my stuff across creation to wash and (hopefully) dry it. And some days I’m just not physically able to drag 2 loads of laundry.

I’ve tried washing things out in the tub, but the wringing process left everything way too soaked and it took daaaays for it to dry. I also have a manual washer/wringer, but it was so light that it wasn’t functional. You couldn’t get a good spin on it since there wasn’t enough weight to keep it held down. Very problematic.

My friend had sent me a link to a video of some people in Alaska who found a small washer/spinner. I was hooked. They spoke of how quiet it is, how little power it used, and how well it spun the clothes. So, after my last meltdown, I ordered it.

I can’t quote what I paid for it off the top of my head, but it was on sale. You can catch the deals at various times.

I’ve had it for 3 weeks and have fallen in love with this gadget. It uses a regular plug in the wall (it should be the only thing in that wall outlet). It drains via gravity. You can let laundry soak, spin twice, wash for less time, etc.

And when it spins (more on that later), it is quiet. I’ve had to readjust a load to keep the barrel from banging around, but that happens on big washers, too.

So, for a quick rundown, there is a fill limit to the water and a weight limit for the clothes, which is all explained in the manual that comes with it. There is a light wash (which I have yet to try, a regular wash, and spin. The biggest thing is to stick to their weight and water recommendations and to plug this only into an outlet that is empty. It draws very low power, but apparently it will overload the circuit if anything else is plugged in to that outlet. I didn’t test this theory.

There are 2 ways of filling this machine: a hose that attaches to the water inlet, or you can carry water from the sink or fill it with a water hose, if you have the access. It takes me about 4-5 pitchers of water.

You put the water in along with your detergent first, then add the clothes so you don’t over load it. I’ve been using detergent pods at the laundry so I had to find something else since I was afraid that would be too much detergent in such a smaller load. I went with Seventh Generation. I’ve used their products before and have been satisfied with them.

When I drain off the water and add the rinse water (note to self: be sure to switch it off “drain” before adding more water 🤣), I throw in a splash or two of vinegar in lieu of fabric softener. The reason I chose these products for washing is so I can catch the water in a bucket and water plants with it. This system works by gravity, so this is a great way to reuse your water, especially in the summer when everything gets so dry.

After washing, you have to break the load down into 2 spins. Sometimes it will bang around, but at that point you just open it and readjust everything and try again. When it’s all lined up it purrs like a kitten. And the amount of H2O that comes pouring out that tube is astounding. The clothes really are very wrung out when they finish the 5 minute spin.

At one point I did test it by running the spin cycle a second time, but it didn’t have anymore water to wring out. The 5 minute spin seems to be sufficient.

Beyond that, I hang everything up to dry. It’s winter as I write this, so the heater being on speeds up the drying time. Everything goes on hangars, a collapsible accordion drying rack, or a hanging metal rack with about 20-25 clips for socks and undergarments.

It’s probably more work than before, but for the ability to do laundry in the privacy of your own home, without the inclement weather, and without having to keep up with a laundry card is a bigger bonus.

Check out the video I linked to above for the full directions and review.

Peace and love, everyone! 🧺🧦🩳👕🩲👚👖🧺

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