Yes, please.

If anyone knows me even a little, they know I am a coffee addict.  I can’t quit it.  I won’t quit it.  I even go so far as to call myself a coffee snob, a purist, even.  I.  Love.  Coffee.  However, I don’t describe my coffee like it’s a fine wine, so you won’t get phrases out of me like “fruity”, “hazelnut”, and “overtone” in many of my descriptions, so bear with me.

I am always on the lookout for something new, local, or even something that supports a good cause.  Today I will be reviewing a brand I have purchased a few times and have tried several varieties of:  Black Rifle Coffee Company.   They are a small-batch, veteran owned company and that’s good enough for me.  Their coffee makes you want to wave a flag, fly an FA-18, head to the range, and be a patriotic, ‘Merica-loving patriot!

To date, I have tried every level from the decaf to the espresso blend.  My first purchase was the multi-pack:  the Complete Mission Fuel Kit.

The Just Black is a phenomenal roast that is so well-rounded and smooth that it soothes your soul at the first sip.  For those who love a dark roast, I can’t recommend this one enough.  It gets the energy flowing without slowing you down.

Beyond Black is a roast that is extra dark, but without the bitterness of most other extremely dark roasts  that taste like they were made from the leavings of an espresso puck.  It, too, is well-rounded, but packs quite the tasty punch.  I have specifically ordered this one at times.  Yum.

AK Espresso roast …  well, I have to be honest.  I had to go to work, so I blended it with the off-the-shelf decaf I had at home, but it was fantastic.  I really have no words for it, except that it did not disappoint in taste.

One of my absolute favorites is the Thin Blue Line.  This is a roast that is a medium, which I normally don’t drink, but it is such a strong, solid roast that I have purchased it a few times.  I also love the fact that a percentage of this purchase goes to support LEO’s.

I did end up purchasing a cup at one point.  There’s nothing like drinking a company’s coffee out of one of their mugs.  Hashtag 2A.  And you can usually find a great bundle, sale, or subscription discount with this company.  They also have travel mugs, hoodies, shirts, and coffee rounds (single-serve).

You know this company (and some certain blends) are extremely popular when you consistently go to the website to search out a blend and it is ALWAYS sold out.  Lucky for me, I found a store locally that sells their coffee.  I was able to pick up a bag of their Freedom Fuel coffee and I was not disappointed.  Not that I expected to be, but this was a blend that gives you the boost to go out and make a difference.

You can also find them on Facebook at Black Rifle Coffee Company.


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