A new thing

Soap. I love trying new soap. Love. It. However, I tend to be allergic to many of the super flowery, overly perfumed, girly soaps, lotions, and other personal products. I’ve always loved a good, clean smell.

After randomly coming across an ad, I decided to give a new one a try: Duke Cannon. I went to their website and was impressed with their selection of products. However, since it was all online and I needed a sniff test, I went to a store that sold a few of them and checked it out.

However, since it was only Christmas time and absolutely no one needed stocking stuffers… just kidding. There was only 1 bar of soap left on the shelf. That made me feel pretty good about how popular it was.

I started using it this week and I have been very impressed with the results. It smells great. Manly, even. It cleans very well and seems to be pretty solid and it doesn’t wear down like I thought it would. I would also have to say that the aroma is very pleasing and not over-powering, though I was able to catch a whiff all day of the soap.

I’ve been told by dudes that know of Duke Cannon that this line of products is well worth it. As a chick, I would have to take their word, especially on things like shaving lotion.

This is a product that I will probably buy for myself again and will consider using as a guy gift. If you find it locally, I highly recommend giving it the sniff test. It’s well worth it.

I will be reviewing more products as I go along. Most of these will probably be products that I have run across or heard about through various avenues.

We here at Beansterblog support our military, LEOs, and first responders and are always on the lookout for products that support them or are veteran-owned, etc.

Peace and love, everyone.

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