Beach hygge

I’m continuing my “theme” of the hygge life.   I don’t live in a cold climate, so a lot of it doesn’t apply on the polar level to me.  I’ve thought about my surroundings and  the  beach  life that I live.  We aren’t directly on the water, but we are considered “beachy” and “coastal”.

I’ve come up with a list of things that remind me of what I missed when I lived in a land-locked county nowhere near the beach.  And the beach that was closest was 3-1/2 hours away and pretty crummy and scummy.  I missed my sugar sand beaches and oak trees and palmettos and…

1.  Beach decor.  I don’t go overboard with it, but I have a few pieces I love.

I love the animals of the ocean and when I found these pieces of art on the clearance rack, I couldn’t pass them up!

2.  Beachy chotchkies.  

I love this setup on my bedside table. Bright colors, some tropical flowers, seashells, and a photo of Beanster as a baby make this space one of my favorite spaces to look at and smile. 

3.  A natural Scandinavian-style sitting area.

I love the feel of wood.  It’s cool and natural, plus it’s sturdy!  A couple of comfy pillows and a small table lamp make it the perfect place to sit and read a book.  For winter, just add a blanket in neutral colors and voila!  Honestly, if I really fulfilled this one, I’d have a colorful adirondack chair on a front porch!!!

4.  I can’t forget the most important item of comfortable clothing in any beach girl’s wardrobe:  FLIPFLOPS!  I have a few pair:  one 99 cent pair for anything I need shoes on in a hurry for, a pair for wearing with shorts, a dressy pair for a nightgown out on the town, and a spare for the days I don’t even want to wear shoes.

5.  The smell of the beach!  I love the smell of tanning oils and lotions!  I have an after-sun lotion that smells like coconut. Yummy!  Some days I’ll just rub on tanning oil for the heck of it!   I’ve never been able to find a beach/tropical scented candle that reminded me of anything remotely connected to the beach, but oils and lotions take my brain directly there!

6.  Beach towels. These are actually pretty versatile!  I’ve used them as bath towels, blankets, and seat covers.  I always try to buy the ones that I love their pictures.  My favorite one is bright yellow with a woody and a surfboard.  It always makes me wish I had one of those old vehicles.

So, there’s my short list with a few examples of the things I surround myself with in the spirit of hygge in the near-tropical climate where we didn’t even have a real winter this year, except for those 4 days.  


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