(Another re-post from my blog.)

I’ll admit that I’m not the best at keeping up with things, especially time.  It gets away, it runs away, it disappears.   The delicate balance feels like a magic act at times.

In fact, I’ve had to set an alarm on my phone to go off a few minutes before I leave.  The commute is bad enough on a good day and with plenty of time to spare, but oversleeping after getting very little rest the night before really eats into the time and POOF!  Gone.

There are so many things that I look back on a regret.  The friends I didn’t keep in touch with, the words that were never spoken, the good deeds that went undone.  I was just too busy.  And they are gone with the passage of time.  You just can’t get time back.  It’s a sad fact of life.

But on the other hand, it encourages you to think of the time that you do waste and find a way to spend it in a more worthwhile manner.  Instead of leaving words unsaid, say them (good ones, of course).  Instead of waiting to spend quality time with someone, spend it now.  Pick up the phone.  Write the letter.  Send the text.  Skype.  Whatever.

In life, we waste so many small increments, but they seem so harmless, like a penny spent.  But what happens when you add up all the pennies and seconds and minutes?  Yep.  POOF.  Gone.

I read an article today about how successful people use their time wisely.  One thing was to not touch something twice, especially paper.  Paper is the bane of my existence.  I hate digital technology sometimes and I love photos and paper books.  But I hate paper mail, because you can’t just delete it like email.  It’s a mystery.  But it absorbs so much of my time….

I try to get things done around the house, but when I get home after a commute to work and back and all the time spent in between the two, all I want to do is veg out.  The world wide web calls to me and tempts me with social media and mind numbing games.  The television quickly saps 30 minutes away at a time.  And then it’s bed time.

I could blame traffic, exhaustion, and a myriad of other 1st world ailments for my lack of progress.  I could.  And I do, sometimes.

We are only given a certain amount of time on this earth.  How well are we spending it?  Seriously.  Whether you have 10 minutes to yourself, or all afternoon, how well do you spend your time?  Do you spend it with friends?  Do you devour a good book?  Do you watch movies with your family?  Do you hike?  Do you travel?  Do you flip through old photos?  Do you have a hobby?  Are you investing in the life of another person?  Are you investing in your own life with education of some sort?

In truth, we have to sometimes force ourselves to sit down and take a good, hard look at our lives.  I don’t like what I see in mine all the time.  I’ve made changes.  I do chores during the week or during a half-hour cleaning blitz on the weekend where everyone assists.  I delegate chores.  I ask someone to help me.  Yes, I sometimes put down my independent, stubborn pride and ask others to help me do what I cannot do on my own.  Don’t ask Hubs how often I do it, because it’s not as often as it should be.

But I’m trying.

I’m restructuring.

I’m recruiting.

I’m reasonably sane when I have that little bit of downtime to relax.

So, my advice to you, friends, is to take a little life survey.  Find out where you need more time and think about what you do everyday.  Write it down, if you have to.  Evaluate and reorganize.  And enjoy every moment you are given before it’s POOF! Gone.

Peace and love.


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