The good work continues…though, somewhat scattered.

Another re-post from my blog.

There’s nothing like summer break to throw routine into a complete tailspin.  One day you’re going along and then suddenly BAM!  school is out and you have to adjust to a brand new schedule.  Then that ends and BAM! you are adjusting to the school schedule again.  My job has been the same way for a few weeks, too.  Little adjustments here and there and then BAM! the job description changes again.  It’s okay.  It’s all positive.

Relationships change.  Jobs change.  Kids change.  The weather changes.  Nothing ever stays the same and you have to keep on top of things.  I don’t always do so well on that front.  Keeping up with change, and all.  Sometimes I just completely forget what I was doing, where I was going, and sometimes even the bills that need to get paid.  I can buy all the organizational equipment that the heart could desire, but it just doesn’t always meet my eyeballs face to face.  In other words, out of sight, out of mind!

I have notebooks, a filing basket, 2 filing cabinets, and a desk.  Ahem.  I guess it’s really not a desk, per se, but it does the trick.  It’s more for holding things, like missing pencils that get buried under soon-to-be-avalanches of paper.  Kind of like bills that need to be paid, but you can’t find the bill right off hand.  It’s the kid’s homework that piles up with grades on it that has a special place, but it just hasn’t made it there yet.  Kinda like the journal I was going to write in “every day” and I just found it again last week.  Yeah.  Good intentions pave the road to hell.  I’ve got enough to pave it to hell.  And back.

Fortunately, I have Hubs for some of this.  I have a general calendar that things are listed on, but he actually does the “doing” part of most of it.  It’s a team effort, really.  I call the plays, he executes them.  We’re not even football fans (I am), but it works.  In fact, this is sort of a recent development.  We each had our own things to do, but now we actually coordinate with each other, tell each other our plans, write things down on each other’s calendars, and we split up the childcare effort.  It’s a coordinated front against the invisible enemy – the time thief.  You know, the mysterious entity that makes you look up at work and it’s time to go and you’re not done for the day.  The one who gets you up early, but makes you late to work sometimes.  The one that sends the mail to your house with a date on it, but then the month is over….  Yeah.

I guess I’m thinking about all of this since I haven’t blogged in almost two months.  I have that stack of paper on my desk that I need to actually go through and DO, instead of just restacking it.  I have some artwork that I really need to get some more paint on, instead of just leaving it for next year.  I have a lot of things to do and a 3-day weekend to accomplish it all.  So, with my list in hand, a couple of people to help me and a little willpower, I am determined to make this happen.  And soon!  I’m so close to the end that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s really not even a train!

So, here’s a big weekend “cheers!” to a little R&R, some more accomplishments, and some good memories thrown in to boot!

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone.  Peace and love.


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