Spring is on the way!

Another re-post from my blog (and timely!).

Spring! Spring!  Beautiful, warm spring!  Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and plants are pollinating all over everything!  The bees and butterflies have their work cut out for them!


The temperatures have warmed up enough to get me outside to plant, but part of my mind keeps warning me that there is always that late spring freeze!  I’m not sure if it will happen this year or not, weird weather and all.  I have my seeds ready to go and a Beanster who loves to dig and plant and prune and anything else that involves being outside in the dirt!


I have gone through my seeds to see who is GMO and tossed them.  I have raked up oak leaves and dumped in veggie scraps, banana peels, and coffee grounds to get my compost going.  Now, all I have to do is get some new soil and I will be in business!  I’m ready to dig in and get planting!

My favorite things to grow aren’t always the things I grow best.  Last year I had some patio tomatoes that went berzerk.  I couldn’t keep them trimmed back fast enough to bush out.  It ended up looking like Medusa!  It went everywhere.  The good part is that it produced more tomatoes than I have ever had in my life!  I planted zinnias too early and they were drowned in the early spring rain and the few that survived ended up baking in the drought that followed!


This year, I would love to have some more of the tomatoes, but I want to keep a better handle on them.  I also want to plant zucchini, okra, yellow crookneck squash, and some herbs.  I tell you, my mouth starts watering at the thought of fresh-picked vegetables.  And mine aren’t even planted!

I have great plans of raised-bed gardens all over the yard, but we just aren’t there yet. I have dreams of a perfectly funky little greenhouse for the winter and a “cold bed” storage for veggies.  I have dreams of a beehive or two in the yard with all the flowers and plants their little hearts could desire to nosh on!  I long to have fruit trees all over the yard, especially kumquat, loquat, and satsuma, with a few lemon and lime trees thrown in.  And for those who’ve kept up with the blog, the avocado trees that will produce in about a decade!


And then, at some point, I would like to have chickens.  Yes.  I have joined the ranks of those who desire to have poultry roaming free-range all over my yard.

Here’s the kink in my plans:  we are still living with family until we get some income coming in.  However!  I can still plant some seeds and keep the compost going strong.  I have my Topsy-Turvy that I’m about to load up with some seeds and plants.  I have a little bit of soil in something else that I can plant zinnias to my heart’s content.


I shall soldier on until we can put down real roots for ourselves and then the plants.  The homestead.  For now, though, I’m counting down the days until I put the little seeds in their new homes in the soil and watch them sprout and grow and bloom.

Welcome, spring, and all your bounty!


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