Seaside living

And yet another re-post from my blog…

I have to tell you, I love living by the water.  The water that constantly moves with the tides and hypnotically lures you into its embrace.  Water that rolls and roars and gently laps.  The sun that lights up its every movement.  The sand that dances in and out with the waves.  The ever-changing symphony that is the seaside.

In recent days the sea has been angelically calm and silky.  The tiny ripples at the shoreline tease your toes.  The seagulls wait at its farthest reach for any chance at a meal.  The plovers run on long, skinny legs toward the water, then back again as the waves chase them ashore.  The ghost crabs, not readily visible, leave their little tracks in the white sand.


These are the days when the warm weather and promise of fun lures the lovers of spring break to our shores.  The traffic backs up and the hotels are full and the shops and restaurants are packed with visitors.  But when you cross those dunes, peppered with sea oats, and you can smell the salt in the air you know you’re somewhere special.


But then there are days when the winds change and the clouds roll in.  The yellow flag changes to red and the weather fanatics come out in droves to experience the blustery winds and stinging sand.  Those who find great interest in the shoreline, its creatures, and the erosion of the sand come out to appreciate the forces of nature.


The waves bring with it unexpected things sometimes that you don’t get to observe often.  And the sense of wonder and awe at such a powerful force leaves you sitting on the shore, amazed at what was so still and calm only a few days before, that is now churning angrily and pulling the sand back out to the depths.


But, soon enough, it will return to the way it was and leave you with that peace and tranquility that only the ocean can bring to those who love its rhythmic cadences and sandy offerings.  The sun-kissed beaches and salt air lure you back again and again.


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