Another re-post from my blog.

Has anyone ever just gotten to the point were they knew they need a little R&R?  Maybe it sneaks up on you out of nowhere.  Perhaps it slowly dawns on you over a period of time.  But you definitely know at some point that you need to make some time for yourself.

In this minimalist journey that I’ve been on, along with a desire to do more “clean eating”, I’ve found that now that I don’t constantly have to clean up and put a million things away and shift piles around, I have a little more time to myself.  Also, living with family has cut back on the amount of cooking I’m having to do, so the evenings consist of helping Beanster with homework (which is more like catching up since this state is way ahead of Texas on their curriculum) and preparing for the following day.  But I still find that I lose track of time consistently, things I need to do, and things I want to do.

However, I’ve spent weeks scouring the internet for a job, going to interviews, trying to keep the finances straight while putting gas in the car and paying for school lunches that I pray someone is actually eating, writing a new blog, and making sure a million other things are done.  I had a bit of a reprieve this week since it was spring break and Beanster’s GG came to see him, but there was still a lot going on even though I had not “officially” been on the job search.

Tonight, I finally hit the wall.  I feel a lot on edge and things that have been in the back of mind have come to the forefront.  I’ve been worrying again and stressing out.  So, it dawned on me that I need quiet space.  A small space for hot tea, a magazine, yoga, devotional time, and time to plan things out with a clear train of thought.

As we contemplate our next place to live, my dreams of a 3/2 home with a space all my own is front and center.    Just a quiet place large enough for a yoga mat and a comfy chair, a relaxing magazine, and a place for a teacup.  Maybe a back porch.  Maybe the spare/guest room/office.  Of course, a decent sized kitchen is toward the top of my list.  But, in the meantime, I have to find some place to call my own.

Anyhow, one of the things I can clearly see I’m not so good at is making the time slot for myself (not including time to get Beanster ready for school and myself for my job that is on the way, cooking and cleaning).  A little bit of time to kick off the dust of the day, get things ready for the next day, and unwind a bit which will, hopefully, allow for some deep rest.

So, as a challenge to all of you who are like me, try to find some time each day to carve out that will be for you and only you.  I’m betting we will keep up with more things that have to be done and we will find some peace of mind knowing that we have purposefully thought out everything that confronts us.  I’m betting we will also be a little less anxious in the process as we check things off our list and spend a few minutes with our brains in a little lower gear.

Here’s to a few minutes alone.


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