Finally reaching some goals!

It’s been years that I’ve been preaching to myself about organizing and decluttering! This week I finally reached another goal where I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train!

I have 1, One, (1) box left of paper to go through!!!

I have been going through old papers (think bank statements from 14 years ago) and shredding like a madwoman!  I have organized, donated, and thrown out more stuff than any one person should have to, but it’s come down to this last box!  I should state, for the record, that it’s a very large plastic storage box.  And it will require going through one more time to get things filed away, but if you knew how happy I am that it is down to that one, lonely box, you’d know how ecstatic I am!

  • I am on a pseudo-budget and I’m trying to actually stick to it!
  • I have thinned out my closet and I haven’t been shopping (except for the day I wore my flipflops out of the house and didn’t realize it until I was almost to work and had to run to Walmart…).
  • I have thrown out expired items and junk.
  • I have been severing emotional attachments to impersonal items.
  • I have been meal planning and sticking to my grocery list.
  • I have been forgoing useless items at the store.
  • I have been evaluating monthly bills and researching ways to cut those bills.
  • I have been researching automobiles since D’hormid is 15 years old and socking a few bucks away here and there to put toward the purchase.
  • I have been planning ahead for expenses that are annual recurrences so that I don’t have to scrimp every penny the week before it’s due.

And, honestly, our storage unit is small and only half full.  And I don’t even have  much of a clue of everything that is in there.  I know it’s stuff I can’t use at this particular time, but it’s stuff we got for our wedding, or it’s sentimental stuff, or it’s things we do use, but don’t have space for right now.  Either way, we have cleaned out and cleaned out and cleaned out and….

So, to all of you who have attachments to things that don’t really mean anything, or who just don’t seem to have the time to get things done, or cling to inanimate objects out of fear, take heart and keep on taking that hill!  It’s taken a while, but a little bit at a time has managed to save the day!

Peace and love, everyone!


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