Big changes!

Another re-post from my blog…

It’s absolutely amazing how things can change in the space of 24-48 hours.  Honestly.  About a month ago, I got a phone call for yet another interview.  Turns out, it was the one.  So, life has turned upside down and I’m finally getting into a routine, sort of.

My schedule now includes getting up about 1/2 an hour earlier than normal, dressing business professional/business casual with all the trimmings, helping Beanster get ready, making an atrocious commute across town, driving all the way back across town to get Beanster from school, then trying to help him get through his final testing for the year.  Since we moved states, we’ve had to seriously buckle down and work on sight words.    So, between getting a “business professional” job and making this awful commute, there has been a huge crimp in my schedule and things just aren’t getting done.

Somehow I now have to figure out how to accomplish everything.  I have the check lists, the notes written on my hand at times, the bag of books in the car to get back to the library on time, and the bills buried in the bottom of my purse to be paid.  It has really been a crazy time.

To catch you up, I had several interviews.  Some of them I was very excited about and was truly hoping I would get the jobs, some I was excited about until I learned the hours took up the time of the few hours of the day I would see my family, and one interview I flunked entirely.  The one interview that I went to for this job, I literally was offered the job on the spot.  And I work with some fantastic people.  It’s laid back, but busy; friendly, but serious.  It’s not a difficult job, but it is so relieving to be able to leave on time every single day and go home to see Hubs and Beanster.

The only crimp in the summer plans (which, summer vacation is very short here), is figuring out what to do with Beanster.  The summer programs are expensive and pretty much outside our budget right now.  There are programs that I am checking into to see if we can afford them.  But we have to save up for next year’s school supplies and clothes.  With Beanster in this never-ending growth spurt, he is rapidly outgrowing all his clothes!  We had to recently buy new shoes (on clearance) last week, along with a pair of sturdy flip-flops for the summer.  I’m praying his clothes will fit through the summer.  And his appetite never seems to let up at all anymore!  All he does is eat.  If this is a sign of things to come, we may have to win the lottery to feed and clothe him as a teenager!

And then we have to get Hubs through school and into a job, which should be this summer or fall.  And THEN we get to save up to move into a rental or something…something closer to work.  Something that allows us to get all of our things out of storage.  Something that allows me to cook dinner and stock our fridge and pantry.  Something that allows us to quit sharing a bedroom and bathroom.  Something with some breathing room and, hopefully, a yard of some sort.

It’s so weird how getting yourself on a path just ends up leading to more problems and situations that need to be solved.  Had I not had a job, I wouldn’t be having to pay for gas and “home lunches” and school care and summer care.  But I do, which brings in money to pay the bills and buy groceries.  Problem solved, problem created.

Everything will work out, I know it.  Somehow.  And we will find our routine and we will get in a groove and “keep on keeping on”.  In the meantime, we are saving our sanity with all the free things to do around here, seemingly, every weekend.  And the beach is just down the road, so we get our dose of Vitamin D.  We are in a city we love and that makes all the difference in the world.

So, here’s to the job search.  Cheers to all the interviews that I could have done a whole lot better on.  Cheers to the people who got the jobs I really wanted.  And cheers to the income that is coming in, tiny check that it may be.  Things are finally looking up and that is enough to hang on to for now.

Peace and love, everyone.


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