Back in the kitchen.

Another re-post.

Yesterday, I mentioned how much I love to cook.  I love all things “kitchen”.  And today I was able to get back in the kitchen and bake!

I made a challah bread recipe, but this time it was a little different.  A friend of mine recently gave me duck eggs to use.  They have been in the fridge for about a week, staring at me every single time I open the door.  Honestly, they’re huge!  I was a little bit afraid of them, not really wanting to use them as scrambled eggs, so I decided to use them in the bread loaf.

Let me just say again, they’re HUGE!  Not only does the egg carton (for chicken eggs) not close, but the shells are pretty tough and you have to give them a good Whack!  Here’s a picture of them in the 1 cup Pyrex measuring cup:


That’s only 2 eggs.  So, I went ahead and continued mixing all my ingredients.  Since the eggs were so large, I decided to put in the entire amount of flour required (4 cups).  I have to say, that was the most beautiful dough I’ve ever seen.

I continued on with the instructions and put it out on a floured surface.  The dough was still quite sticky and I added more flour to the table and the top of the dough and started kneading.  I can’t tell you how much flour I added, because I didn’t count, but I know it had to be at least another 2 cups or so.  It stayed sticky forever, but it finally got to the point where I could knead it without having it stick to the table anymore.


Sometimes dough turns out tough, especially if you use cheap flour (which is what I have on hand right now), but this was the silkiest dough I’ve ever seen in my life outside of chicken and dumpling dough.   It’s currently rising in the oven as we speak.  I had to turn on the preheat for a minute to get it warm in there.  After another hour, I’ll punch it down and let it rise again.  My only concern is having to use a whole duck egg to brush on the top!  Usually a chicken egg is more than enough.  I don’t like to waste, but I may not have a choice!

I’m hoping that since this dough is going to go a lot further than first anticipated, I can make a 6-braid challah.  I saw a video last night on how to do it and I’m excited to try it.  I’m also interested to see what the texture of this dough is going to be and if the eggs affect the flavor at all.  I don’t think it will, based on what my friend has told me about the eggs, but it’s always interesting to see!

I’m ready to make a large, warm pot of soup to go with it tonight!  Here’s to a rest-filled weekend full of good food, good friends, and plenty of good memories!


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