Art, for what it’s worth

Another re-post from my blog…

I love being crafty.  I love sewing, crocheting, painting, doing flower arrangements.  Anything to get out my little creative streak.  I consider cooking to be in the artistic flair (except for baking, which is pretty precise or it’s inedible), but it tends to verge more toward the “necessary” things of life.   You just gotta eat.  So, the artistic side emerges every once in a while and I make something happen.  It’s not always great.  It’s not Picasso.  It’s somewhere in the realm of “it’s all in the eye of the beholder”.   I have a lot of Pinterest fails.  I do have some successes.  Mainly, I have Pinterest fails that I refuse to let turn out so awfully that I work with them until they turn out pretty decent, though not what the picture I found looked like, at all.

I’ve had one of those recent projects.  I am getting my own office soon.  Mind you, if there’s a chair by the desk, you have to squeeze by to get anywhere.  It’s not big.  It doesn’t even have a window.  And it’s light battleship grey.  Grey. You can do a lot with grey, so Pinterest says.  I take them at their word on that one.  So, I bought a couple of canvases at Hobby Lobby and went to it.  I wanted to do a chevron design with gold writing.  Simple enough.  Until the junky brush I had got a bristle out of whack on the last line while I was using a dark color.  My perfectly drawn lines were all messed up anyhow, due to the nature of the 3/$1 pack of brushes.

Anyhow, I forged ahead and continued on until I was satisfied with my “abstract” art.  I like it.  Well, I had a second canvas and painted it today.  There’s really no erasing paint.  You can wipe and dab and make the focus go somewhere else so that no one sees where you wiped wet paint away.  So, I have two completely different canvases in the same color scheme. I’m not sure they will go together, but, by golly, they are going in the same office.

I’ve had my abstract art criticized.  I’m a doodler, not a Freida Kahlo!  After toughening up from all the criticism and realizing that I didn’t like the art other people are crazy about, I decided that we all have our own interpretations.  None of it’s really wrong.  Some of it’s pretty right and takes lots of talent.

So, just keep on keeping on.  Pick up that brush, crochet needle, or lump of clay and go to it.  That release of creativity can bring some positivity into your life, some sunshine to lighten your day.  Think outside the box and enjoy your own works of art.

Peace and love, everyone.


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