Soup night!


It’s cold.  It’s February. It’s Florida!  Our anniversary is in February and there’s a reason we got married inside.  North Florida is just cold and it’s time for a good batch of soup before we see temps in the 60’s.

One of my favorites is so yum and so versatile!  We got the general recipe out of a magazine several years ago, but we don’t save recipes that well and it’s more from memory nowadays.  I have no idea what the original ingredients were but we sub things in and out as our palates desire.

Tonight’s menu is Sausage, White Bean, and Kale Soup.  Yum!

1 package sausage of choice (we use Eckrich)


1 good bunch of kale

1 bag of navy beans (or cannelloni or other small white beans), or canned beans

Salt and pepper

Onion flakes, onion powder, and/or garlic salt

Seasonings to taste

Veggie base

This is the broth of choice if I don’t have homemade broth on hand:

I cook the sausage in a tiny bit of oil until it’s browned, then throw in the chopped kale.  I like to sauté it and let it cool down.  I added about 10 cups of water this time and just shook in some of the veggie base. Toss in the beans (I soaked mine all day).  Turn it to a boil and let it go.

Note:  if you use spinach instead of kale, this goes a lot faster.  Cook time is almost nothing.

Anyhow, I add different seasonings sometimes:  sriracha, hot pepper flakes, oregano.  Again, it depends on the mood.

Right now, it’s cooking as we speak and I can’t wait for it to be done!!!  Some crusty, buttery bread will be perfect with this, I think.  😉

Stay warm tonight!  ❄️

Peace and love, everyone!



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