The job search


This is probably the part about the move that I dreaded the most (and with good reason): being unemployed.

It stinks.

Today was the first day where I really haven’t done much of anything.  I had a few errands close by, but that was literally about it!  I woke up this morning and had great intentions of beginning the online job search only to find out that the internet was out.

Full stop.

So, I had to figure out what to do with myself all day.  I did veg a little bit and watch some PBS 3.  Lots of inspirational shows on that channel.  All I want to do now is plant a garden and cook some amazing dishes.  Okay, so that’s not completely weird for me, but we are renting, so….  I’ll just have to dream a little longer on that one.

But, back off the rabbit trail, I really had great intentions.  I did use some data trying to search out “work from home” jobs, which pretty much end up being freelance writing, speaking a foreign language, or making phone calls.  *sigh*  I used hotspot to fill out a couple of applications (typing quickly so as to not use a lot of data) and then got off the WWW and went back to being inspired.

It’s funny, but part of me could spend days in the kitchen.  I love to cook.  LOVE to cook.  LOVE.  TO.  COOK.  It’s something I love to do and always have.  There was a point where I lived off fast food, but trying out Paleo and clean eating have turned my sad little palate into a happy palate.


I found this great recipe the other day for spaghetti and I’ve made it twice now.  Fantastic, it was.  Check out the recipe here.   Now, I didn’t use the pine nuts and the breadcrumbs, but I did add chicken (Hubs doesn’t like meatless meals) and it was so good!

I love simple recipes and with most of our stuff in storage, the simpler a recipe is, the better!  Actually, one-pot or crockpot is my choice of recipe.

This isn’t really off topic, but if I could have a little side business where I cooked or baked, I think I would be so happy!  I don’t want to run a restaurant by any stretch, but there must be 5 farmer’s markets around us and it sounds like a great little side gig.


The one thing I do want to do in the spring is get my herb garden going.  I bought one of those Topsy-Turvy things a couple of years ago and haven’t actually used it.  Since we are so limited on space, I thought it might be nice to grow oregano, basil, and a few other things in it.  The cables seem to be pretty sturdy, so I think I’m going to plant a few seeds when the weather warms up.

I did bring just a few plants with me when we moved.  A few really mean a lot and one was just too expensive to buy again.  I’m hoping to put a few of my seeds out that I have from last year:  zinnias and four o’clocks.  But we will have to see.

So, to sum up, I guess that I can keep it together while I’m on the job hunt by getting my topsy-turvy ready and scouring for one-pot or slow cooker recipes.  Hopefully, work will come my way and I can begin the baking hobby for the farmer’s markets  Who knows.  I may start that now and see where it takes me.  We’ll see.

Peace and love, everyone.  Have a great day!



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