Day 5


Well, today was our first day “off” in quite some time.  Hubs has been taking care of the last few boxes, getting things to storage that we don’t need, doing laundry, and whatever he can do to stay occupied (and there’s plenty),

I’ve been on the web all day taking care of the insurance, the electricity back home, and scoping out part time jobs around the area.  Prospects aren’t bad.  That’s good.

There came a point this morning when I started panicking.  I paid some bills and immediately had the thought, “I DON’T HAVE A JOB!”  Yes, money is my big stresser.  I always freak and if I’m in a panicky, sharp mood, you can bet something went down in the financial part of my life.  Anyhow, during the job search this morning I did freak out a little bit.  My shoulders hunched up and I really almost went into a tailspin.  It was so fast that it surprised me.


But, I immediately captured that thought and reminded myself of my schedule:  Monday.  I am going to finish things around here: finish touching up my resume’, finish organizing (and finding) things.  I am going to get everything ready for Monday.  I have said the “M” word several times this morning.


Skipping breakfast certainly didn’t help, but now I’ve downed a quick can of soup and I’m making plans for dinner.  It’s Shabbat and I’m wondering if the house will be warm enough to make some challah bread.  I may have to heat the oven a tad and put it in there.  I’m not sure, but it is so cold that Matzah ball soup sounds absolutely fantastic tonight!  I found a new recipe that calls for parsnips, and, if I can find them, they are going in the pot with everything else!

And I haven’t been to the beach yet.  We’re only 10 minutes from it, but the forecast changed, unbeknownst to me, until I woke up this morning at 6 and got out from under the covers.  It was clear that Florida does get pretty cold!  33, in fact.  Brr!  Too cold to be outside.

But, overall, we are coming through this move pretty strong.  We have our goals intact, our vision focused, and an iron will to make this happen.  We are praying for open doors and good leads.  And warmer weather!


Have a great day, everyone.  Peace and love and sunshine!



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