I have arrived!


Well, we made it! About 3 weeks ago, Hubs lost his job and that put our lives on a course we didn’t see coming.  And now we are on our way with our new adventure!

Several months ago, Hubs decided to begin his Dave Ramsey adventure and start trying to build a secure financial future.  The first goal, if you’ve even listened to him for 10 minutes you know this, is to get that little emergency fund.  Immediately, he set about budgeting and trying to get some money set aside.  Thank God that he did, because we’ve had things come up that no one could have foreseen, like losing a job!

We ended up having a moving sale.  We only bought 3 signs, we posted it on Facebook, and we told everyone we knew about it.  It wasn’t the perfect weather (29 degrees on that Saturday), it wasn’t the “select” weekend to have a sale, and it was in our tiny, cramped apartment.

We sold things we didn’t want to sell.  We sold things that we are going to need again one day.  We sold things that we wondered why we hadn’t gotten rid of them beforehand. Well, Hubs would have trashed most of it a long time ago, but he loves me.  Anyhow, we made enough to pay for the truck to haul what was left and the fuel to make a state-to-state move!  Everything fit in the truck that we wanted to bring along, but it was certainly at the very, very, very edge of the little truck.

Anyhow, we finished loading our truck the day of the move and then made an 11-1/2 hour drive across 5 states to get where we are.  We drove and we drove and we drove.  When the sun was setting and I looked at the clock and realized we had 3 hours left and my plan to have been at our destination by that time was a moot point, I did feel some frustration.  Trust me, I had a 5 year old in the car.  I knew it was time to be there.  And then a headlight went out.


We had to backtrack at that point, but only by a few miles, and it was off the beaten path to the auto parts store.  We did get to see a few things we’d never seen before.  That was fun.  When we finally arrived at our destination, we literally fell into bed.  And we laid in bed awake all through the middle of the night.

The next day we had to find a storage unit.  We called the person we used to rent from when we had a 3/2’s worth of possessions.  She immediately gave us the code to the storage and said to meet up with her that afternoon to sign the contract.  Amazing!  We cleaned out our moving truck of the things that needed to be stored. (We are in a single bedroom for now with no room to put up pictures or decorations.)

We unloaded a few things (mostly clothes, a TV, and a laptop) in order to survive the next few weeks.  We enrolled our son in school, opened our new accounts, switched our insurance, got our licenses, and a million-billion other things in the past 3 days.

I may have mentioned this, but I’ve always told Hubs I’m a minimalist, and he always laughs.  Well, now I have to be!  We couldn’t get all our clothes in the one closet, so we pared them down.  We took them to a local thrift store that we know is legit.  We took books to a local used book store and earned some credit.  We took the rest of the books to the local library and donated them for their annual book sale.

We finally crashed that night and laid awake again, thinking about the long trip to the next big town to return our moving truck and trailer.  It gave us a significant discount and with the price of fuel, we thought it was worth it.  And it was.  We only went over our distance limit by less than 40 miles.  Even with our detour, we still did well.  We came home and took care of some more things and, as per our latest “usual”, we laid awake that night.

Our little Beanster has had his share of issues.  He had to be withdrawn from his school (which broke my heart) and entered mid-year into another school.  He had to leave a few other things that we held close to our hearts, not the least of which was his GG.  I cried many tears and prayed many prayers about those two issues.  But so many doors opened wide and blessings were received that we have to believe this is the right thing to do.

But, today was Beanster’s first day of school.  He was a little apprehensive, but when we picked him up, he was all smiles.  He must have been worn out, because he went to sleep in the car around 5!

This weekend is going to be fun, fun, fun with a small nearby town having a family-friendly Mardi Gras parade!  We can’t wait to catch some beads and eat some moonpie!  We have had a crazy 3 weeks and we are looking forward to some R&R!

We are looking forward to our new and exciting life, along with the adventures that come with it, except for the hurricanes…

Have a great rest of the week, everyone.   Peace and love!




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