Yes, you sang that, didn’t you?  I never knew just how fast things could change.  I was at work at 4:30 on Friday and suddenly I get a text from Hubs that he’d lost his job.  For a second, it felt like time stopped.  Things got a little blurry.  

And then reality snapped back and I just sat there in mid-sentence, not even remembering what I had been explaining to my coworker 3 seconds before.

So, now we are trying to figure out exactly what we are going to do.  We live in a small town where a huge industry just got bought out and shut down.  Everyone needs a job.  My paycheck won’t cover insurance, school, food, bills, rent….  It just won’t.  So we have to decide what to do.  We can’t stay where we are.  We’ve decided to sell nearly everything we own.  This weekend has been sort of a stunned type of movement.  No matter if we try to stay in this area or we go back where we came from, we can’t afford the expense of moving.  

Moving trucks are expensive.

How much stuff can we sell?  We don’t know.  Hubs has always had issues with all my stuff and I keep telling him I’m a minimalist and he just laughs and says, “no, you’re not.”  And we move on.

Well, I’ve been really trying to get rid of stuff lately.  Really trying.  I’ve been selling a few things online.  But this weekend we are going full on sales mode.


I hate having garage sales.  I really do, but we have a situation.  We have to do this.  I’ve decided to take myself up on my own challenge.  I’m trying to see how much I can really part with.  Photo albums and Beanster’s drawings do not qualify, but extra clothes, stuff that doesn’t have a home, stuff that doesn’t have a match, hasn’t even been thought about in a year or so…

It’s amazing.  Our house really is mostly stuff we don’t need.

I will have a few problems.  DVD’s.  Kitchen utensils. Memorabilia.  Guitars.  Things of that sort.

But… On a more serious note, I have been trapped by my possessions.  They have been trying to cover emotional wounds.  They have been chains that keep me from being free.  They are time stealers that keep me busy with them instead of worthy things.  

It’s time to break the chains and let them all go.  Yes, I will feel sad for a while, but by the time it’s done, the tether should be completely snapped.  And I know I will feel better.  Hubs will be happier.  And Beanster will not pick up on my hoarding (I use that term lightly).  

If we are going to move forward, we have to do this.  If I am going to be free, I have to do this.  If I am going to set a good example to my son, it is necessary.

So, if we can put everything in two vehicles (and one is a compact car), we will have succeeded.  Now, that’s everything except the beds and a dresser and my brand new kitchen stuff I got for Christmas.

The challenge is on, the race has begun, and I am out of the blocks.

Peace and love, everyone.  Have a great weekend!   



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