When does it all slow down?


Wow.  It seems like every time i get around to writing a new post, at least 3 weeks – 3 months has gone by.  With a f/t job, a class at school that takes lots of time at home, also; a hubs and child that believe in eating at least 2 meals a day plus snacks; a 5 year old that is now involved in sports; after-school activities; overtime at work; a house that needs to be cleaned….

That’s why i don’t get around to writing often these days.  Life just blows past.  But I AM making a CONSCIOUS effort to make time happen in a more meaningful way.  Yes, the laundry kinda piles up and the dishes sit in the dishwasher for an extra day, but when i stop and look at my day and realize I only spend 3-4 hours PER DAY with my child, I get a little more thoughtful.

I get a little aggravated, too.  Late-in-life, only child.  The one and only Beanster.  And i get to spend 3-4 hours a day with the one Bean I gave birth to.

I feel a soapbox coming on….

Some days I feel like i was born in the wrong decade.  Okay, so maybe the Andy Griffith Show isn’t 100% accurate, but it was definitely based in a time when there was more togetherness and families knew what each other looked like.  Yes, I wish i was that stay-at-home mom again.  I hope to be one day, but with the economy like it is, well, we’re still working towards that end.  (Expensive insurance and low wages don’t help a whole heck of a lot, either.)

I didn’t do such a great job at the whole “housewife” thing when Beanster was a baby.  I had grand ambitions, but I was that older mom that just didn’t have all the energy I needed.  Still don’t.  (It’s called anemia.)  I regret that I have to work now.  I am fed up with expensive insurance that you must have or you get penalized for it.  I’m fed up with high food prices that will probably never go down.  I’m sick of everything going up all the time and wages not keeping up.

But we make the best with what we have.  We have taken some hard hits with rent and health insurance in the past 6 months.  Big chunks of $ gone out of the monthly budget.  Our budget looked good about 3 months ago.  Not so much now.  Everything went into effect and we literally heard our money say “goodbye”.

In the meantime, I’ve been making a LOT of rice recipes.  The one thing i WILL do differently is not buy the cheapest bag o’ rice next time.  Seriously.  What you save in pennies on the rice gets doubled (literally) with all the time and extra electricity to get it cooked!  20 minutes?  Not hardly.  Can I get an “amen”?

We’ve started making a lot of our own household products.  We make our own personal products:  deodorant, face powder, etc.  I tried making dishwasher detergent the other day.  Well, that didn’t work.  First recipe I’ve tried that didn’t work.  I was pretty disappointed, but i don’t think it was going to be as cheap as it i thought it was going to be.  Oh well.

I was disappointed with my laundry detergent when i first made it because it didn’t take out a lot of the odors.  However, if you don’t have odors, it works wonders on stains!!!!!  I did the whole 5-gallon bucket recipe.  I knew I was going to use it, whether it worked or not.  Here’s how well it worked:  i found the old gift card that had been lingering in the bottom of my purse to a great restaurant.  We loaded up and went out.  We ordered.  Our waitress dumped a cup of barbecue sauce all over Hub’s khaki shorts.  All over.  I don’t mean a drop, i mean the whole cup right on his pants.  And we didn’t even get an apology!  I told him not to worry about the pants.

We came home and I sprayed them down with stain remover (which never gets out the hard stuff), and loaded it up in the washer with the homemade detergent.  Pulled it out to inspect it before it went and the dryer and not one drop, one hint, one iota was on the shorts!!!!  Woohoo!  I took that as a win, especially since the dishwasher recipe didn’t work out so well.

We are still working on ways to cut expenses and bring in extra income.  We look for free things to go do.  We watch a LOT of movies at home and make pan-popped popcorn.  We buy the $5 pizza down the road.

What’s aggravating is that we HAVE to do this, but the fun part is seeing how much money can be saved.  I’ve been at this for a few years now.  I’ve had good luck and bad luck.  Until we win the lottery, we’ll keep this up.  😉  Tonight we took advantage of a car dealership having a grand opening.  We’ve actually been considering one of their vehicles, so we registered to try to win one.  Beanster had a great time in the bouncy house, we had hot dogs, went into the photo booth, and listened to some live music.  It was like a free date night and Beanster got to burn it all off.

If only i could have come home to a clean house….  *sigh*.  Maybe in another universe

Either way, it’s been a good day.  I feel like it was another win for the budget and maybe a new car will be in our future, too.

Okay, so I didn’t really get to my original point, but I think i made it in a round-about way.


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