Busy, busy, busy


I’m beginning to think that I don’t really like the peace and down time I say that I crave.  Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.  It’s difficult to tell some days.

Basically, I have decided to go back to school.  Again.  Again again, actually.

Beanster has started school and I guess I caught the bug.  Getting registered was a nightmare.  Buying books was incredibly expensive.  In fact, the book cost more than the class!  I’m not sure what I’ll do for next semester.  I imagine this will be a 1-class-at-a-time experience this time.

Anyhow, on the very first night of class we found out that we have 16 hours of observation to do (yes, i have a full-time job) and a power point presentation to do, not to mention term papers.  Well…that was news to us.  And my laptop is so old it doesn’t even connect to the internet anymore thanks to all the junk on it.

So, my birthday is coming up soon and Hubs knew what I was going through and how I am actually trying to make a career out of this and he came through with flying colors.  This man is amazing.  Some days he really does surprise me!

But Beanster is having a great time at school, too!  There are plenty of educators in our family, so I’m guessing I’m not the only person who loves school.  I keep hearing of all these kindergarteners who absolutely are so tired of school and we are only two (2) weeks in!!!!  Hard to believe.  Beanster loves it.  It may be partly how much I’ve built it up for him, partly because he sees me going back to school, and partly because he really does enjoy school.  He says gym is his favorite class.

We have also entered the world of extra-curricular activities.  We have signed him up for a team sport.  So far, this is turning out well.  They have their first game pretty soon and we’ll see how much they all catch on to it.  Little kids are so fun.  Neither of us are sports-loving people.  I do like off-road biking and Hubs was into skateboards when he was a teen.  Other than that, we’re not really “Team Sport” people.  Beanster is!  It’s crazy, but I don’t think it’s genetic.

I’m just thankful that he’s being so positive about school and sports.  Life would be far more difficult if I had to convince, coerce, or cajole him into any of it.

My day planner is filled up completely for the next two weeks.  I can’t believe what is involved in getting a kid into school and how much time participation takes.  For both of us.  Full schedules.  However, there will be plenty of learning and fun involved for both of us, so that is exciting.

I’m looking forward to this semester.  Beanster and I will both probably be heaving sighs of relief when Christmas break rolls around, though.

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.

Peace and love, everyone.



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