The latest projects.


Well, we’ve been super busy with garage sales, downsizing, budgeting, organizing, etc.  it has been a super busy summer.  Where was my vacation?

Just kidding.  We had one.

It was fast, but we were there.

Now, Beanster has turned into a big kid.  He’s in kindergarten!  Homework was mentioned at “meet the teacher” night and I panicked.  Our “found” dining table is also my desk.  Piles, er, stacks -neat stacks- of bills and stuff to be filed fill one end.  Beanster needed his own spot. 

So, of COURSE, I went on Pinterest.  Where else?  Being the sentimental type who can’t get rid of stuff, we still have Beanster’s crib!  It’s a 4-stage bed that we were going to keep and get the rails for a full size bed.

That didn’t happen.  He has a twin bed because we are in an apartment, for crying out loud.  

I found this idea a few months ago and thought it would be great to use his crib as a desk.  Now, I’m not drilling holes in it or anything, but we put the springs on and Hubs found a large, heavy (sturdy) piece of plywood and he cut it down to fit.

I had considered getting a $1 calendar and pasting the pictures on there, but I decided that if this desk is to be for homework, Transformers might not be as motivating as they would be distracting.

I found a 2002 atlas in the bookcase and decided that might just be the ticket.  

I went to Walmart and bought the 32 oz bottle of Mod Podge.  When I got back I started cutting out various states.  The map was a little bigger than I thought, so I had to use less pieces.

Eventually, after some trial and irreparable error, I got most of it covered like I wanted.  I put on another two coats and I may slap on another one.

I’m hoping that if I ever change my mind, I can just Mod Podge right over it.  

Anyhow, Beanster has his first homework ever tonight and he got to work on his brand new desk!

As you can see, it’s not finished, but it’s a pretty fair start.

Hope all is going well with you all this week.

Peace and love, everyone!



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