In the storm.


Wow.  Have you seen that picture of the map of life?  There’s the straight line where you have your plan, then there’s the line that is indescribably complex that is the path of reality.

It’s amazing how accurate that really is.  You have your little plans and desires, but you’re not 100% behind them.  They fizzle.

Then suddenly, a little epiphany hits you, you pray about it, you begin to make a plan, then you put your toes in the water.  And all chaos breaks loose.  You get attacked from all sides:  finances, friends, emotionally, the list goes on….

You really have to dig in and stick to your guns and find yourself again.  You have to hold fast to your resolve.

And you have to re-evaluate some things.  Things you thought were pretty sure on your planned path.  “I’ll do this for X amount of time, then do this at Y time.”

Yeah.  That’s where I find myself right now.  I’ve spent too much time living in fear of my decision and over-thinking every last word and deed and motive.

I’m tired of over-thinking.  I’m tired of being afraid.  I’m tired of wondering minute to minute what is going to happen next.

I’ve never been preachy on my blog and my intent is to only clarify where I’m coming from.  Just FYI.

The Lord says that His plans for us are to give us a hope and future, not to destroy us.  He says many times not to fear.  He tells us that he watches over the sparrows and that even the foxes have holes to live in.  He tells us to trust Him with our plans and to dedicate them to him.  He tells us to dedicate a small portion of our finances to Him and He will watch over our money (it’s His, anyhow).

In these times when you have done all to stand, continue to stand! Commit your plans to God.  Pray to the Father who loves you with an everlasting love and know that His perfect love will drive out fear!

And move forward.  Whether that means to wait and pray (move forward in your prayer) or whether it means to actually take those steps and move forward, be bold.  Let go of fear and do what it is He’s called you to.

Now I know that my car may fall apart tomorrow.  My husband could lose his job.  One of us could be injured and become ill.  The economy could collapse.  Can I help prevent any of that?  Not likely.  What are the odds?  I don’t know. I can’t see over that hill or around that curve.

What I can do is try to prepare for that rainy day, pray to God to preserve our lives, our vehicles, our jobs (or provide new ones as He sees fit).  

Commit your ways to the Lord and honor Him in all your ways.  

Easier said than done, I know.  Anxiety is my companion and I struggle minute by minute to overcome it.  Yes, I struggle.  But in that anxiety I can do what I can to ease it – take care of myself, change the oil in the car, and, above all, give it all to the Lord and know that He is in control.

He is in control.

Peace and love, everyone.



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