Time flies when you’re having fun!  No joke.


WOW!  What an incredibly fast week this has been!  2:30 a.m. was pretty early on Monday and I was 99% sure we weren’t going to go on vacation, but 4:00 a.m. rolled around and off we went anyhow, loaded down with enough clothes for a week and a half.

Out of the blue a couple of months ago, a co-worker told me she was going to my old stomping grounds for a week’s vacation and did I know exactly where this motel was?  Sure!  Right there, can’t miss it.  A few days later, she asked me if I wanted to go with her and her family!  For real?!?!?!  Naturally, I said “Heck, yeah! And thank you a million times over!”

So Monday morning, we all loaded up and came on over to Florida.  Left the Tropical Storm Bill behind, and all the cares of the world, for just a few days. 

We met with family, who invited us to dinner the very first night for some amazing local pizza from Georgio’s.  So good!  


The next day we hit the beach.

Yeah.  Remember that tropical storm I referenced?  Well, for those who don’t live on the coast….  Rough seas travel a long way!  We had the double red flag for a couple of days.  Heard on the news that there were 84 rescues the weekend before we got here.  Saw life flight a couple of times while we were out there that first day.

I cannot stress the importance of listening to the warnings and obeying the lifeguards.  Rip currents are so dangerous and if you don’t know how to survive one, you can put more than your own life at risk.

We heard those whistles blowing all day.

Let me also share a sunscreen rule.  I brought two kinds.  Spray on and rub on.  I brought spray on due to pride.  I didn’t want to have to ask someone to help me out.  Well, I fried.  First full day on the beach.  The saga will continue later…

Wednesday brought us the Blue Angels air show practice.  They are amazing, as always!  I’ve been watching their videos out of homesickness, but nothing compares to the real deal.   Thank you, YouTube, for holding me over for a year!

After that we went to the Naval Air Station Museum (much less hot) and toured around.  Beanster burned off some adrenaline on the playground.


We got to see friends at the beach.


We had some of the most amazing coffee at BAGELHEADS!


We watched amazing sunrises.


We saw amazing sunsets!


And dolphins!


The beach was beautiful!


And ER was loads of fun!


So, about that sunscreen debacle…  Ahem. I seem to have missed my feet. Just a tad.  Spent the morning of the last full day there.  I have relatives in the medical field and when I texted a pic of this vein in my leg that looked, um, well… BAD… They recommended I go get it checked out.  3 hours later I did pick up great lunch.  The burgers at the hospital cafeteria are so tasty!  I still have swollen feet, the vein looks normal again, and I was satisfied with the burgers.  🍔

Three days later, I’m still red and swollen.  Nothing serious happened, even though some of my skin still looks questionable.  I did use some fantastic after-sun lotion.  Seemed to help a LOT!

If there is one thing I’m sad we didn’t get to go do, it’s that we didn’t see the Pensacola Museum of Art!  Two absolutely incredible exhibits are going on right now.


But, all in all, it was a fantastic trip and we had a great time.  Got to relive some good memories and make some new ones.  I’m going to be glad to be back in my own bed, but I’m going to miss waking up to this:

Have a great weekend.  Peace and love, everyone.



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