Avocado 2.0 news!


 We’ve had more rain than normal (an understatement), but we haven’t had as much as our neighbors to the west. That’s a blessing.  There has been such torrential rain and flooding in our beautiful state.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those in need.  Fortunately, neighbors help neighbors around here.

All this rain that we’ve had (I don’t have a rain gauge, but it’s well over a foot) has done wonders for the patio plants.  

The tomatoes are really starting to pop out and there are more blooms everyday!

The zucchini is going crazy.

The lemon trees are coming up (5 in all).

And the long-awaited news on the avocado is….  It cracked!  From what I read, this is good news.

The bad news is that my olive was pummeled in all the storms.  It had tons of little blooms but they are all gone now.  😥

I do have some summer plants that I am waiting to see how they do.  The zinnias are trying to do their thing and the hibiscus is putting out new leaves.  

It’s not much, but since I’ve never been able to grow tomatoes or zucchini, I’m pretty excited!

The other thing that has wimped out on me is my pepper plant.  It started out really well, but i guess it doesn’t like the rain that much.  We did get one pepper off of it and we used it on a pizza.

And Beanster’s new hobby seems to be digging up earthworms, earthworms, and more earthworms.  We are constantly putting them in our plants.

   That’s the good news on the Homefront.  Here’s to praying we don’t flood this week, either.

Peace and love everyone.  Have a great week!



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