Chore $$$


Beanster has been talking a LOT about getting a job.  He gets on his scooter, straps on his helmet, and says, “I’m going to work!”  So cute.

He’s been saying he needs a job since he could talk.  He’s only 4, but we’ve been hearing it for a while.

So, in that spirit. I’ve been talking to him about doing chores around the house.  There are plenty of things he is capable of doing, like vacuuming, putting dishes in the sink, putting dirty laundry in the hamper, helping fold towels, watering plants….

Today, we were nearly flooded with torrential rain.  Hubs and I came home from work this morning and picked up everything that touched the floor and put it up higher.  It was a lot of work.  At lunchtime, the phones were down, but someone’s service was working and I called daycare.  Needless to say, they were out of power and wanting parents to come pick up their kids. 

There was no phone and Internet to speak of, so we didn’t get much done at work.  And with a Beanster on top of that, I got even less done.  Tonight we put 99% of everything back where it belongs.  

Two bits of good news:  I found better places for some things and we didn’t have to file an insurance claim!!!  Thank you, God!

I had offered Beanster a chance to earn money tonight, but after everything was so crazy today, nobody was really feeling it.

As an incentive, I decided one of the things I moved today (we have some empty coffee cans) could finally be put to good use!

We’ve been putting loose change in his piggy bank.  Well, that’s fine, but it doesn’t teach him economics, even if it’s on a 4 year old level. 

Lying around with all his homeschool stuff were some of those little dollar bills your each them math money skills with.  So…  Putting 2 cents and 2 cents together and making 4 cents, I came up with a great idea!  

I took some of the one-sided dollar bills and taped them all over the coffee can.  

I even put one on the top and put a slice in it for depositing the hard-earned money!

I’m not sure how much incentive it will be, but I’m hoping it will work.  He says he needs a job, so here’s a place to keep that cold, hard cash! $$$

We will still put loose change in the piggy bank, but the money he earns will go straight to the chore money can.  Hopefully, we can teach him about spending, saving, and investing!

This should be interesting!

Peace and love, everyone!




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