Avocado 2.0 update

Well, I’m not sure if this is a good sign or not.  Our avocado seed skin has split.  That makes me think that, perhaps, the seed is not dead and is possibly ready to put out some roots!

I still don’t see any roots forming, but I have hope!

Everything else seems to be doing well.  The olive tree didn’t get too terribly beat up by the recent storms, the pepper plant has a new bud, the Zinnias are doing well, and the Joseph’s Coat Rose is beautiful!!  (It smells like citrus.)

The kumquat tree has some new growth, also.  We just picked the last two off the tree the other day.  Wow.  They were so good!!!!!

I am also trying to get some lemon trees started.  Right now they look better than the avocado!!!

So glad it’s growing season!  I love watching all the plants blossom and produce!  

Wish me luck on the avocado!

Peace and love, everyone!



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