A very different year


Okay. Well, January is nearly over. Who is having a hard time believing that? It seems like we just had Christmas! And here we are nearly 1/12 of the way through the year.

We did take down our Christmas tree on Christmas afternoon. It had been up since Thanksgiving and we’d had to rearrange furniture in order to accommodate it.

So, that’s done.

And with this new year, a lot of things are changing. I’m going to hit one of those decade mark birthdays this year, I’ve decided I need to start taking better care of myself, and I really don’t enjoy schlepping around all this junk from house to house.

So, yes, things are changing: for the better.

I was given money for a gym membership for Christmas and I have already put that to good use. It’s going on 3 weeks now. I go to a yoga class, I walk the track, and I’ve learned how to use some of the exercise equipment. (there are some I love!)

I’ve also decided to up my game in the fashion sense. I see all these put-together moms dropping off their kids at daycare and running errands and I often wish I was like them. Whether they are frazzled to the end of their nerves or whether they have it all together, they look great! I used to have disregard for that life, thinking that they were just “putting on appearances”, but now I see how much more accommodating it is to have ducks in a row and, even if you don’t, to at least appear as if you do. At least your whole look is pulled together!

I’ve done the usual: I scrounged Pinterest like a crazy woman and saw outfits they had put together. I got an idea in my head of what I want to look like and I plowed on from there.

The first thing I did was impersonate Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear and I purged my closet of all the frumpy stuff I had previously though was nice looking. Trust me, there are a few things I purged, like this one purple shirt. Then I realized how great it would look with some grey pants and a cardigan I got (yes, on clearance)!

(Confession: I’ve never been accused if looking “polished”!)

I do have a lot of great pieces in my wardrobe and I definitely used them. Seriously, I didn’t have a $5000 debit card to use!!! So I took what I had and decided what was missing. I found a few shirts that were on serious clearance and a great navy blue knee-length skirt. I found shoes at Target that I paid under $6 for on clearance with the Cartwheel app. Yeah, I may have gone a little crazy, but all the pieces work with things I already have in my closet.

And I saved around $250-300! I really wanted some shirts that weren’t on clearance, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $60 for a shirt that wasn’t a basic, I still love it. I still think about it. But I just couldn’t buy it. Most of the pieces I bought were under $10. šŸ™‚

I still have 2 purses and 3 dresses I would like to add to my wardrobe, but that will happen in time. For one thing, I haven’t found them yet, clearance or not! For another thing, I may just have to buy a pattern and fabric and make the dresses myself!

As for the purses, well, Valentine’s day is coming soon. šŸ˜‰

I don’t know how everyone at work or church or out and about feel about my look. I have received many compliments from people whose wardrobes I have admired. And from people that I wouldn’t expect them from in the first place.

I do sense an undercurrent from others, though. Nothing has been said directly to me and I’m sure they think I’m trying to one-up them or something, but honestly, I’m doing it for me, my hubby, and my child. End of story. Mostly for me. šŸ™‚

But you know, deep down I’m still a SciFi nerd! I still watch Star Trek when it comes on tv, I did pick up a Star Wars t-shirt off the clearance rack the other day, and I did have a dream about Leonard from the Big Bang theory the other night. And I still have all 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1, and all the Stargate movies, and the Firefly series. šŸ˜‰


The gym is AWESOME! I am so loving it! It’s so great to get the daily stress off, feel like you’re stretching out all those kinked up muscles, and getting back in shape!

The first couple of days I only walked the track indoors. I did finally get to the outside track, which will be great in the spring! I also, as I previously mentioned, joined the yoga class. Wow! I am so NOT flexible anymore! I am loving it, though! I’m not up to Zumba or anything yet, but I may get there.

Over the past few years I have had some super fast bone degeneration and it is now hindering me from a lot of things, but the waking alone has helped unlock those muscles and release the spine a lot. I am seeing a significant difference in my pain level!

And sometimes my schedule gets a little crazy and I have to work overtime, which is great at payday, but stinks when it comes to scheduled classes at the gym!

Goal #2 is kind of a hold-over from last year: decluttering. I think I’ve mentioned this before….

That front is going well. I actually did have a few things already organized, so I was able to skip a few days of some things and make extra days for some things that REALLY need more attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have things in storage boxes that I just can’t get rid of. I have a box of papers from last year that really should have been filed away. *ahem*. I’m trying to get a handle on it this month so I can manage it all year round.

It’s not that I don’t know how to organize, because I do. I really do. One thing I’ve always been known for is my organizational ability. At work, everything has a place and is in its place. If it’s not, well….

Now I’m just trying to match my house ethic to my workplace ethic. šŸ™‚

I hope and pray everyone’s 2015 is going well! If you made some resolutions, I encourage you to stick with them!


Peace and love, everyone!



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