New Year’s craft


I know this is just a tad late. A lot of things in my life lately have been a tad late…

So, we finally got around to our New Year’s craft…ahem.

We have been trying to do a lot of things related to the alphabet. Pinterest is a fantastic source for this outlet. I have found so many good ideas that I had to make a page just for that!

Anyhow, a few months ago I had bought a sheet of glittery craft paper at Hobby Lobby and had been unable to use it for its intended purpose. It was just too thick, but I had paid more than the normal price for it, so I kept it. This new project was perfect for it!

I wanted to do a couple more things but I just flat ran out of time. So, here is the finished product: a half sheet of construction paper, some glitter paper, curly ribbon, glue, stickers, and a shiny sharpie.


Don’t ask me what the alligator has to do with anything. Beanster picked that one out himself.

I explained that at midnight everyone smooches and music plays (we’ll delve deeper into Auld Lang Syne later), confetti is thrown, fireworks are shot off, and everyone celebrates a new year.

It was quick and easy. It took me longer to find the right stickers in the giant box o’ puffy stickers than it did to do the actual craft! Beanster still has a short attention span, so this was perfect.

Anyhow, here’s an idea for next year…ahem.

Peace and love, everyone, and happy new year!


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