Happy belated new year!


Welcome to the new year! It seems like every year is met with several reactions: excitement and wonder, feat and trepidation, or a seeming lack of concern or expectation.

This year I have excitement and wonder. I am excited about several things that will be happening soon, things that will happen later in the year, and I am determined to live life fully this year; to experience every day as fully as possible and to learn from my experiences instead of avoiding them. 2015 is going to be a great year!

I looking forward to joining the gym! I got the $ as my Christmas present! Yea! I’ve never been a gym member before and I’ve spoken of my anxiety about it all, but knowing it will help reduce my stress and get me in shape is the weightier matter, no pun intended.

I am also looking forward to getting on a budget and getting some small debts paid off. And… Hopefully building some savings.

I am looking forward to the continuing education of my son. I LOVE that he loves leaning and I throw everything at him that I can. He is such a sponge right now!


I am also excited about where God is going to lead us this year. I just feel in my heart that I need to be preparing for something. I have no idea what, but I want to be ready when it gets here! Part of that nudging has to do with minimalizing.

I have already started a 365-day decluttering program. I had already started it in December, which allowed me to get a jump on organizing Christmas things for next year.

I have a pegboard for bills, a calendar for everything like meetings and bills due and birthdays, a magnetized list on the fridge that makes it easy to make a grocery list, an an updated address book.

The one thing I do want to start is menu planning. I need to stock up on a few things, too, but I need to menu plan. I don’t go to the grocery store hungry, but I don’t get a newspaper with coupons either, so we end up spending lots o’ hard earned $. I do get emails for coupons but I’ve never found a way to lessen the ink and so I feel like what I save in printing coupons, I make up for in ink!

All in all, I feel like things are getting more organized. More things are finding homes and more things are going out the door. I feel like some things are streamlining and some things just need a system of organization.

And I also think I may accomplish some of last year’s goal this year, too!

It’ll all happen. I believe it. And I believe 2015 is going to be a great year! Happy new year everyone!




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