So. I’ve begun my fitness, uh, whatever it is right now. I haven’t started at the gym yet, since it’s a Christmas present and Christmas isn’t here yet.

However, I have bought a scale and a light set of weights. I’ve taken my BMI and started a food journal. Hey, it’s a start!


It really helps to see what I eat on a daily basis. I have purchased a couple new cookbooks recently, one being Indian food, and I am excited about cooking a few new things! Sometimes the repertoire gets a little boring. I am also trying to do more meal planning so that I don’t get stuck eating junk food dinners.

I also have a cousin who is super fit! She is going to be my mental coach. If I have a day where I want to slack off, I can text her and let her tell me to get with the program!

I have my issues of Shape magazine sitting around, along with my Yoga magazine. Nothing like seeing what my goal is in a picture. I don’t see it in the mirror, obviously, so I need to see it somewhere else. Especially when I want to be lazy!

I am doing a lot of things around the house, too, that are leading to a more organized household. I don’t want to have excuses holding me back: well, I really need to clean the house, well, I really need to do laundry, well, I really need to blah blah blah… I also plan on having a yard sale in the spring. It’s amazing how much I’ve accumulated in my house and around my waist simultaneously. I know I’ve said it before, but I am a minimalist deep down somewhere….

So, now that I have a plan and I’m moving forward, I feel like I’m getting somewhere! I have lost 3 pounds already from drinking all that water!

I have a couple of fellas that I need to get healthy and be in top shape for. Plus, I still want to go to the beach this summer… 🙂



Peace and blessings, everyone!



2 thoughts on “Onward!

  1. Hey! Do you use my fitness pal? It’s a free app that helps you track your calories and exercise. You can put in your own recipes and everything. I started jogging this fall. So far, I’m up to a max of 5 miles!! Anyway, you can do it!

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