A new year is coming!


I am so excited! Christmas will not be a big surprise, but I am still super excited about my Christmas presents! You know how you have to tell your husband what you want (please, be as specific as possible)? Well, I have 3 things that I want and 2 of them are repairs! The other is bookcases, so I can unpack some of our boxes!

Anyhow, the one I am getting from my family is just something I was debating on and had told my mom about. Obviously, I went in to great detail and spoke with great desire. I was going to do it myself, but… Other things are more important. So… I am getting a gym membership!!! I’ve never had one, but this gym has been around a long time and has a beautiful location. I checked it out two months ago when a new gym (ahem, fitness center) was opening up. Anyhow, I fell in love with the place.

You may think this is extravagant. And it is. But my health has declined and my stress level has risen. We have neither a beach nor a Barnes & Nobles (or any bookstore). That is how I burn off stress. Quiet and deep thought. Well, we have none of that for at least 2 hours in any direction.

But I digress…

I also cannot do yoga or Pilates at home. There are a few reasons: boxes, it’s an apartment, and a 4 year old named Beanster. My yoga session turns into his tumbling session and my bones are just too fragile right now to handle a child jumping on me while I’m in plank position. 🙂

So, I’m very very very very very excited about this. I know how most people look when they join a gym. I know how most people look after they’ve been at the gym for months. And yes, I have to face my social anxiety and just go do it. I am overweight. It’s gotten worse this year. Last year I was overweight. The year before that…


This picture was right after we had Beanster. He was about 5 or 6 weeks old. Yeah. I had dropped a lot of weight. Well, it has slowly crept back on over the past 4 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got muscle. I have to wrestle a child! I have to run around with him. I have to play soccer with him. But I still can’t do what I would like to. I can’t keep up with his energy.

And I can’t stand how I look in the mirror: (excuse the boxes)



I’m hoping someone out there can relate to my desire to have something a lot closer to a beach body by late spring. No, I don’t want to wear a piece of thread and a couple of band aids on a string and call it a bathing suit, but I would like to at least wear a one piece and not be embarrassed.

And yes, I’ve been to the beach and seen women at 250 and 300 wearing skimpy bathing suits. I know some people don’t care. I do. Partly, because I know what I used to look like…


I’m also a stress eater. You see that wedding dress? It had been let out as far as it could and we still had to nearly cinch it up like a corset. I was unable to bend.

So, today I am going to go buy a scale and take my weight. I am going to measure my hips, waist, thighs, and upper arms.

My part 2 of this plan is to eat healthier. I do have food allergies and it’s all for processed food! So, between having my own kitchen again and a gym membership, I am looking forward to this experience!!!!

Wish me luck and say a little prayer that I don’t pull a hamstring on the exercise bike the first day….


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