Long time, no see…again…ahem.

New crafts – multiple uses


I finally found a few things, then searched out Pinterest for a few ideas.  I love that site.  My pages are more like wish-lists for things I want to do at some point.  Beanster will probably have outgrown some of them by the time I get around to them, but there are few that I know he’s ready for this year.

So, it’s Sunday afternoon and I decide that we can do a craft (after incessant begging and whining).  I have an 18-count foam egg carton and a bag of fuzzy balls.  Beanster is in my lap and goes crazy when he sees the helicopters.  So, off we went.

This craft required an egg carton and tons of other stuff that we didn’t have.  So, I used a sheet of cardstock, scissors, and markers.  They all worked.  We also needed brads (I used the smaller ones), and a glue gun.

First things first:


I cut out 3 egg cups and the knot that is in the lid.  We whipped out the Sharpies and went to town coloring.  (Someone is very focused when he colors.)

Then we cut the tails out of the knot and colored them, then glued them on with the hot glue gun.




Then we simply cut a strip of paper about 1/4″ wide off the cardstock.  I folded it in half and snipped it, then used the scissor point to make a tiny hole in the middle of each length.


I pushed the brad through, gently, then we poked it through the top of the egg cup.



The good thing is that they just take a little time to make and they are just pennies on the dollar.  So, if a certain Beanster decides to destroy it and smash it to smithereens, we still have the memory of spending time together!  🙂


I’m also hoping that we can find plenty of phonics lessons and other fun things for a 4-year old to learn more about.  Plus, there’s always Kindle, which always has a huge selection of books to choose from!

So, now that we have internet and we no longer have to commute, I hope that there will be more posts!  It’s good being back online!  Have a great rest-of-the-weekend, everyone!  Peace and love!


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