Ups and downs and arounds


Wow, has it been crazy lately! My little Beanster has been through the mill. He got a case of tonsillitis and we had to take him to the ER with nearly a 105 temperature. After that, his tonsils never went back down. We took him to an ENT and, sure enough, he needed his tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears!

We ended up getting a second opinion and they also did a hearing test. They said his eardrums were barely moving! They also said he had obstructive tonsillitis with apnea.

The bad news was that we had to pay cash, since our deductible is $6000! We took the cash price and after a second round of tonsillitis and antibiotics, set up an appointment for day surgery.

So, this past Thursday morning, we headed out around 5:30 to go to the day clinic. Man, it was an awesome thing that they had free coffee out there!

We got there at 7 and by 7:30 we were back in pre-op. Beanster did fantastic, though I was about to fall apart! It was hard to see my baby bean having go undergo anesthesia and such an invasive procedure. I know it’s a common enough surgery, but still….

Well, we were out in the waiting room about an hour, since there was so much that had to be done. We finally were called back to post-op. I tell you what, that was the worst part!

When we walked in we could hear kids crying and we could see one thrashing around. Come to find out, it was Beanster!!! My heart froze and sank like a rock. We hurried over to him and there was nothing we could do to make him know that we were right there for several minutes. He was still coming out of the anesthesia and they assured us it was normal. Yeah.

They gave him Demerol to help with the pain. He would cry, whimper, doze off, come to, whimper, cry and yell and roll around, then repeat the whole process. We were in post-op forever. We finally were able to leave with a conscious Beanster. We got prescriptions filled and headed home.

The past few days have seen the grumpiest bean ever! He can’t make up his mind what he wants to do or eat, he’s cranky, and in a foul mood!

Speaking of foul…

I was completely unprepared for what post-operative breath smelled like! Wow! I read several websites that said this was normal. I also didn’t expect the white patches in his mouth. Once again, the websites and the medical advice of someone in the family assuaged my fears.

Beanster is feeling better now and is running around, like the website advice says he’s not supposed to… Rest? At 3 years old? Ha! We’ve gone through the little ice from Sonic like it was going out of style! Yes, the Popsicles were eaten by me because he wouldn’t touch them. Don’t know why, but he wouldn’t. He’s got one more week to go before his checkup and he goes back to daycare.

So glad he’s going to be back to normal soon and that he will be able to breathe normally again! It’s been a rough few days, but we are on the upswing!

Peace and love, everyone!



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