You’ve been framed – easy peasy!

I thought up a new craft for Beanster and I to do. Truthfully, I probably saw it on Pinterest and just had it stuck in my head. It’s easy-peasy, so long as the glue bottle cooperates (and the 3 year old…)

It starts out pretty simply. The one thing that I had on hand might not be readily available to all is a paper punch, but there are alternatives. Basically, I had a handy little paper punch that I scored on clearance about 2 years ago. The shape has come in handy so many times:


So, it’s not a 4-leaf clover, but it will do. I nabbed some old envelopes and went to town the other day punching out pansies:



I grabbed a few more simple supplies like those wide Popsicle sticks, some sequins, glue, and snapped a quick pic of Beanster in a season-appropriate shirt. (Having photo paper on hand has saved my sanity more than once!).

I marked out dots where I wanted to glue the sticks together by laying them on the picture. Then we started gluing.




We glued on a few gold sequins out of that mega-pack we bought a couple of years ago. I tried writing the year on it, BUT (note to self), Popsicle sticks will suck a pen dry and the writing will not be clear:


I taped the photo to the back of the frame. I did have to trim about 1/2″ or less off the top to make it fit. Then I taped on a soda tab. I would have put it down lower, but I’m taking it to work and the pushpins I have wouldn’t have worked so well…


I think it turned out pretty cute. Beanster had a great time and it took us all of 10 minutes to do!



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