How are we doing? Um…


One of my resolutions this year was to be in as good of shape as my 3.5 year old by the time the year ends. So far, I’ve taken the stairs at work one time and I’ve done yoga one time. Once per week, average. Okay. I am making a conscious effort to move more. What helps is that Beanster enjoys the shared activity.



I’m usually laughing or having to dodge flying, tumbling legs, so we’ve only had one successful yoga session.

I also am planning on taking the stairs at work more often, but wedges aren’t the most appropriate shoes… I need to bring walking shoes, I think. I was very disappointed in myself because I was so out of breath for so little effort… I was dreaming this morning of being able to complete an entire boot camp video session by the end of the year. Right now, it’s a pipe dream, but it’s a goal.


Last year, mom and I cut out a quilt. Well, I guess you could say we cut out strips. I’m wanting to make a subway tile quilt for Beanster. We bought several pieces of fabric of things he enjoys: sports, teams, Blue Angels…

That is a resolution I thought of after I posted last week. I want it at least pieced together by his birthday!


We also celebrated Beanster’s half-birthday. I’ve been doing it since he was 6 months old. I make a pan of brownies and get him something small. This time I got him a coloring book and a sheet of stickers to add to his sticker book (a spiral notebook, nothing fancy). He colored and we put the stickers in his book. It was fun.




I know it seems crazy to celebrate a half birthday, especially right after the holidays, but I enjoy it. Plus, it’s a great excuse to eat brownies!


We have just about souped ourselves out. The thing is, it’s so great to have warm, hearty food during this unusually cold winter we’ve had in the south this year. We had our second round of spam hash (basically, potato soup with spam chunked up in it).

I am considering making hummus soup tomorrow. Probably with canned chickpeas… It’s a wonderful blended soup that I just adore. It has a potato and a couple of carrots, tahini, and a couple other things like chicken broth and spices. Great stuff. And it’s pretty quick, too.

I am loving all the soups, but sometimes you just need something with some crunch or some texture to it. I have been consulting all my cookbooks and cooking magazines for inspiration. I’m sure we will come up with something….


Well… We are working on it. Beanster is in daycare now and he is learning a lot. However, we are reinforcing the learning process at home. That is the goal. A friend of ours had a daycare for many years and she gave us a huge stack of books, so I have been going through them and scouring them for more learning activities.

Pinterest has also been a great help. I enjoy seeing what other people have done and try to adapt it to a 3.5 year old’s learning level. I have seen some great science projects lately. We are going to make crystals with Borax and also do the celery and food coloring project.

It’s also time to put seeds into a grow box. We can learn about the life cycle of plants! We did gather some seeds a couple weeks ago, so we will also have those to plant later, as well. The cool thing is that he remembers where they came from so we can complete the cycle in his mind as they grow and put out seeds of their own.

He’s such a sponge right now that I am consistently tossing things his way. It astounds me how much he’s picking up and retaining! He amazes me.

I guess that’s all for now. It’s past bedtime and I need to decompress from a long week of training at work and an ear infection at home… I need one more day this weekend.

Have a great week this week. Peace and love, everyone!



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