New year, new outlook


At the dawn of the New Year, many people make their resolutions and most of them keep them for a week or so. That’s what the statistics say, anyhow. I’ve come up with a few of my own that I’ve never had on a list before.

1.). I would like to balance my checkbook every single month! That may mean using cash so that I have less to track…

2.). I would like to be in as good of shape as my 3 year old by the time 2014 is over. The child has great abs and a solid core under that layer of baby fat! Trainers would be jealous! (And he’s never even been to the gym!)

3.). I would like to be as stress-free as my child! He doesn’t have a single stress point or knotted muscle. I, on the other hand, am in chronic pain every single day due to stress. I have muscles that don’t move or stretch like they should. I have bones that are deteriorating, which I would like to put a halt to…

4.). I want to trust God more and worry less. I think this would go a long way to improving resolution #3!

That’s pretty much my whole list. It’s a tough one for me. I can’t currently keep up with Beanster’s energy level. Today, for instance, we had a heat wave and it got up to 70 degrees. We went outside and Beanster took off running and ran big circles around the back yard. He kept yelling for me to come run with him. I told him, “Baby, I’m not a good runner.” He said, “Yes, you are!” I told him we would work on it this year. We did ride bikes a little bit today. I can still do that.


I am still attempting to cram as much knowledge as I possibly can into Beanster’s little brain. We have been learning plenty of new things and we work on stuff in the evenings after I get home. I have found some wonderful learning packs online and have spent time laminating and cutting things out.

We have also put together a couple of lap books recently. Those are pretty time consuming, but I think they are for children with scissor skills. The children are supposed to do the majority of the work…

But so far, his favorite thing to learn about is outer space! We found an astronaut pack, and a few planet and space packs. We’ve had tons of learning time with them!

I also finally unpacked some of his books. I found them and dragged them out. They’re currently in a laundry basket, since we don’t have a bookcase, but he doesn’t care. He can appreciate them more now that we have worked on letters so much.


I cannot wait for spring! I ordered some organic seeds in December and they are calling my name! Today was so perfect. I wish it was a little later in the winter/spring so we could at least start putting things in the ground.

Everything has been in the greenhouse to overwinter, but this latest blast of arctic air really did a number on a few of them. I nearly lost one that means a lot to me, so it may come inside if we get another blast like that. What’s amazing is how well the roses have done. Whether inside or in the ground, they bloomed up until Christmas!

I just hope some of the bugs met their maker in this freeze. We have been swarmed with Mosquitos the past few years. We’ve been needing a good, hard freeze to get their numbers back down. All I can say is that I’m glad we had so many blankets this year. We have needed them. Me, more than others.


This winter has afforded us the opportunity to have all sorts of wonderful soups! We’ve had baked potato, veggie beef, spinach-sausage-navy bean soup, Spam hash, and split pea is on the menu for tomorrow! Yum!

One of my favorite soups is hummus! We haven’t made it yet this year, but it is on the list.

The other thing I’ve discovered in the frozen section is rolls and biscuits! Yes, I know they are full of horrible things for you, but it sure is nice to throw some bread in the oven and have it with some of the wonderful things we’ve been having for dinner lately. I have lost the ability to make biscuits. I I have no idea what is going on, but they are no longer in my repertoire…

I can’t wait until some of our vegetables can be planted so we can start harvesting super fresh food right in the yard! Yes, I’ve loved the fall and winter we’ve had in the south this year. We’ve actually had a fall and winter! But I am ready for spring planting. I can taste it already!

Peace and love, everyone!



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