Christmas season ideals

I was standing over the copy machine today, sending a fax, when suddenly I realized what today was. Tears welled up in my eyes and I really had to take a moment to stop and collect myself.

The Hubby and I married at the end of February a few years back and by the time the honeymoon was over, we were expecting a baby! We were so excited about it and we were in the planning mode 100%!


7 weeks in, we miscarried. Today was our due date. We would have had a little Beanster for Christmas that year.

But God is merciful and we were expecting our little Beanster by the time the due date rolled around!


This year it’s difficult again, knowing we should have been halfway along with our next little Bean. My heart hurts, knowing that we won’t be expecting one when we thought and that we are not planning and picking out names.

However, we have Beanster! And we are truly blessed by him everyday. I love it when I can sit and think of something funny he has done and I can laugh out loud. He is a little source of joy, light, and fun!



Well, Christmas is upon us and we are treating this year a little differently. Since the move, money has been a little tight. That has, in turn, allowed us to celebrate the holidays a little bit differently. I’m actually hoping the trend continues!

We are doing the Jesse Tree project and every night Beanster gets to hang up a new ornament! We also did a study on Saint Nicholas on the appropriate weekend. I bought him some chocolate foil-wrapped coins and orange slices and put them in his stocking.

I have bought little presents for 3 people this year. We are really keeping the focus off of the materialism of Christmas. We all have enough stuff around the house and God has blessed us with “enough”.


As long as the tree is up and there are lights to look at, Beanster is happy. And so are we! We are not worn to a frazzle going to parties, we are not trying to buy presents for a lot of people (we can’t), and we are able to sit back and relax and watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate! We are able to focus on family, the actual holiday, and the meaning of Christmas.


It’s a wonderful change of pace. I think I want to keep this up…



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