Times have changed.


I can’t help but look around these days and see just how quickly things are changing. Lines are being drawn, sides are being taken, and tempers are rising. No matter what your political stance, you have to admit that things are getting just a little out of hand. I never thought I’d see this day arrive, but it seems to have occurred just the same. I’m no pundit, so I won’t even attempt to expound upon all the goings-on in Washington and around the nation, let alone the world. I just know that times were hard, and now they are harder. I pray that each of us finds a little peace every day and that we seek the Truth and follow it. There. I said it. No fluff, no provocation. Just a perception. To each their own.


I can’t even begin to say how far behind we are, so I suppose I should start with what has been happening and why I disappeared off the face of the earth for a couple of months.


Well, have you ever had one of those points in your life when you start to question everything? You just sit back and wonder if you’re in the right place at the right time? Or if you’ve just gotten it all wrong? Not me. I had it all figured out a few months back and I knew where we were going. Come to find out, I was going in the wrong direction. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That direction was fine. Not detrimental. Not earth-shattering. Not hellfire wrong. Nope. Just a direction I thought we were supposed to be going.

Then we started hearing things from people. The family type of people. The concerned type of family people. The ones that alert you to things you knew, but didn’t really know. Confused? No big deals that needed urgent intervention. Just concern. So… here goes my compass without a magnet. In fact, the pointer just got ripped right out of there.

We started talking, planning, talking again. This talk had been going on for how many years now? A long time. In fact, it was our long-term plan, just about 10 years earlier than what we had planned! So me, being the decisive person I am, put everything on the back burner and pondered it for a while. Actually, I was really hoping it would all blow over and we could just mosey on with our lives for a while. That was not to be. So, my one year plan turned into a 6 week plan. Yes.

We suddenly had another move (though not as major as the one only 6 months before), then about 3 weeks later we had a massive move. The kind that involves a moving truck…. The kind that involves crossing state lines, leaving friends and jobs, leaving a place you had picked out and moved to because you loved it. No wonder I didn’t want to leave! I had that perfect job where I got to work while Beanster was in daycare. I got to do all sorts of stuff that was fun. I was over-involved, yes, but I loved it. We had stuff to do and places to go… I miss the beach.

Our first test…wait. MY first test was to send Beanster on vacation for a week to see how he would do. I cried most of the way back home, but he did just fine, so that sealed the deal about 45% because I wasn’t going to go anywhere that he was not going to be fine. The other 55% was odds and ends all jumbled up and waiting to be sorted out in the process.

Each step came one at a time. I knew about 2 days before they happened that they were going to happen. I literally had no itinerary, no schedule, no 2 week notice. I did give notice at work, but I had no such time scale with each step we took. It was the most faith-building, trust-fall type of move I have ever made. We left jobs and everything else to come over here.

When we got to the state line, I was pretty happy. Mainly because we had planned to leave at 7 a.m. or so that morning, but we didn’t get to leave until 11:30 because we were still packing!!!!! We didn’t get to our destination until 10:45 that night! Now, mind you, that’s a lot longer than it should have taken! Now, when we got to the county line, I let the tears flow and began asking God, “WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!?!?!” Blame it one the drive, the late hour, or the realization of what we had just done finally sinking in, but I fell apart.

It’s been a couple of weeks now. I still don’t have a job. I’m still looking. It’s a pretty hefty drive to any sort of city, so I’m pretty limited on what is available locally.I’m still freaking out that I don’t have any income. I am praying that God will open the doors He wants opened, just as He did (step by little step) in order to get us here.

I’m still adjusting. This is the first time I’ve gotten on the computer since we’ve been here. I haven’t checked my e-mail for 2 weeks. Boy, I was slammed! There are still boxes to be unpacked, if that actually ever happens… I don’t have friends here, but thank God for texting. I am reconnecting with some family, though, and that’s basically what the whole move was about. I didn’t want to do it (at all!!!), but I am praying for God to help me settle in and grow where I’m planted. Fortunately, the holidays are coming up and I will have plenty to do since all the family will be joining us. I guess I should go make a menu plan and a grocery list…

It’ll all work out how it’s supposed to. Peace and love, everyone. I pray you’ve been having a great autumn season!

National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola
National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola
Beanster on the Nixon Helicopter.
Beanster on the Nixon Helicopter.
Beanster and I watching planes come in at the airport.
Beanster and I watching planes come in at the airport.
Loading day!
Loading day!
Delerious after driving for so many hours... and more to go!
Delerious after driving for so many hours… and more to go!
Beanster and his quad cousins.  Their parents came to help us unload.
Beanster and his quad cousins. Their parents came to help us unload.
Beanster:  ready for fall and happy to be here!
Beanster: ready for fall and happy to be here!

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