Detours of a 3-year old.


I saw a picture recently of a mom speaking to her child that said, “You’re making it difficult for me to be the parent I always imagined I’d be.”

That was today.

I’ve had all these great and wonderful plans about homeschool, doing crafts and projects on a preschool level, taking nature walks, teaching him how to fish and ride a bike… So many plans. Well, life just keeps getting in the way.

You go to a store and buy all you need, only to realize when you get home that you forgot the most important item on your list. So you have to go back the next day, because life will grind to a halt without it (like printer ink, for example). Detour.

Certain things are necessary (like diapers) and sometimes you go through them faster than need be and you don’t realize you’re down to 3 while you’re at the store. Detour.

You try to get out and do a few things and your child has 3 accidents within the space of 2 hours and you have to break the budget and go find some sale clothes to put them in, because you already have a bag full of dirty clothes in the car that you’ve gone through just today. Detour. Bridge out.

You need to do laundry, but it’s rained all day long and you just don’t feel like going to the laundromat. You need to vacuum, but all the wet stuff keeps getting tracked in. Detour. Lane closed ahead.

You need to let your child out to play, but instead you argue for two hours over taking a nap, all the while it’s pouring down rain. Detour.

Yeah. Things just happen and screws up your whole schedule. And that was just today.

However, things did turn around after the nap. No, the laundry did not get done, nor did the vacuuming. I did get copies made (with ink I purchased), I did get a meal plan together for the next week (and the groceries purchased between clothing changes), and I did get a nap. Score one for momma.

You have to roll with the punches, but sometimes in the moment you’re taking the punch, you just don’t feel the joy and enthusiasm. Yeah, it comes later, sometimes.


The beat goes on.

I love the books I purchased a few weeks ago for Beanster. The science book is still my favorite. I can follow a plan instead of just making things up as I go. And some of the things on the internet are just to die for!

And sometimes, the homemade stuff is the best. I have found plenty of worksheets, but the one that required a Sharpie to make a couple of lines, then a handful of foamy stickers, has been the most memorable learning moment. Sure, he didn’t get all of them right where they needed to be (no, a horseshoe is not a living creature), but he got to use the stickers. I have a huge box full of them. It’s sad, really, but I just pick up a package here and there while I’m out. They sure do come in handy.

The second most enthusiastic thing we’ve done is putting the days up on the calendar every day (or every day that we remember to do so….ahem). We have a couple days to catch up on. He loves it and I get to see how much he grasps as we put them up. Does he really understand left to right, one day follows the next? Or does he see patterns and try to match up similar colors? It’s fascinating how the 3 year old mind processes things.

Art is still a favorite. Markers, markers, markers…He loves them. We haven’t painted much. The main reason is that they dry outside and it’s been raining, raining, raining…

It’s fun. The pace changes from day to day. Life gets in the way. Things don’t run on schedule, as usual. You get used to it. Will I vacuum tonight? Probably not. Unless it really starts to get to me…which is possible. Or unless someone asks me to read him a Bible story or look at pictures of tractors and fire trucks in a pop-up book.


Have a great week, everyone. Don’t let the detours throw you off. Embrace them and roll on. Peace and love.



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