School Days!


School is in again in our household. We’ve been so busy with other stuff that we had to cram a couple of learning days into one. This week, the printer is out, so we’re behind again already! Oh well. I had some other things I wanted to do that do not require a printer, so we can do that. Fortunately, they are indoor things. Once again, it’s raining. Thundering. More rain.

One thing we’ve discovered that Beanster loves is painting. Watercolors are a 3-step process, so that was fun to teach. Water, color, paper. Water, color, paper. He still does not like crayons, because they don’t put out the color that he likes. They are so faint compared to markers. He loves, loves, loves markers. He seemed to like the Tempura paints better than watercolors, but watercolors store so much easier in that little flat pack.

I did some more pages with the wax crayons. Hopefully, we can get outsides at some point today and do them! The other art project I have, if you want to call it that, is a blank sheet of coloring paper. He can draw, scribble, paint, or crumble it up. I made sure that he had one sheet per day to be free with.

Handwriting is not a joy right now. He holds a pencil very well, so I’m not terribly worried about it. He is only 3, after all. He is scribbling and coloring in small spaces on paper now, so I think he might be getting closer to wanting to write.

Reading is another thing that I try to have available every day. I have penciled in fifteen minutes every day to just sit and read a book. Even if he does it all by himself and just looks at the pictures, I’m happy with that. He does sometimes bring me a book and ask me to read it to him. Other times, he wants to be independent. I am confident his love of books will lend more easily to reading. He tries to tell me short stories that he makes up and sometimes he is holding a book while he makes up stories!

I think science is going to be fun. Finding projects for his age is pretty difficult, especially with the lack of space we have. We have begun earth science. This week we worked on living vs. non-living. I think he enjoyed that. We found some worksheets online that had ecosystems like where we live, so it was fun to get to identify things he was familiar with.

Geography might be fun for him, also. I found a blank United States map to print out. I made 50 copies so that each week we can study a new state and find it on the map. We look at the flag, the flower, the bird, etc.

We are also working on time and money. We started with the penny last week and this week we are working on the clock.

My primary goal is to find things that are more interactive so that he can learn through games and physical activities. My secondary goal is to try to get him to follow directions better. I know that a 3 year old has a short attention span and he loves to jump right in to something, but I try to get him to stop and think for a moment and listen. He is getting better at that rather quickly, which makes things easier.

He is excited about homeschool and I want to keep it fun and interesting for him so that when we start real homeschooling, he will still be looking forward to it and the desire to learn will be strong. I love watching his curiosity take over. I love to see his eyes light up when a homemade science project works out. I love the concentration on his face while he’s drawing and coloring. I love that he loves to learn.

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. Peace and love, everyone!



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