A jam-packed day…but not with jam.


Our homeschool will begin on Monday, but we’re trying to get back into the swing of things a little early, just to get a groove. I also had some projects that I didn’t know how hard they were going to be, so I decided that today would be a good day to try them. Lots of spare time on my hands…sort of. I got a good hour and a half in before a certain Beanster woke up this morning

Our first order of the day, after a full cup of coffee, was to make some homemade watercolors. I had found this recipe made of lots of things I never use in food. My hubby raised his eyebrow and questioned my purchase of corn syrup. We try to avoid it all costs, but the recipe called for it.

I was pretty excited about how they turned out. The only thing was that it was a little chalky when it dried and you had to stir every color every time you used it, because the solids seemed to sink to the bottom. No big deal. The colors were pretty pale after they dried, but I didn’t put that many drops in there. AND it’s watercolor. I may try to adjust the recipe next time…if we ever run out of this first batch!


I was pretty pleased with how my first attempt turned out. I began my hunt, because I had drawn a picture the other day for Beanster to waterpaint and one of those little packets didn’t go very far. This recipe seems to last forever! It seems like I hardly used any of it. The only color I couldn’t make was purple. I came out with light gray and dark gray…



Beanster received a Crayola Color Wonder coloring book and some markers for his birthday. He loved it. Well, being the cheap-o I am and thinking I could do it myself, I invested in some “wax resist sticks”. The first attempt was with a white crayon, but i wasn’t about to keep buying boxes of crayons when we have plenty and somebody doesn’t really like crayons… So, at Hobby Lobby yesterday, I asked around and this was the cheapest alternative. It was a little pricy, but they will last a while. I think the crayon worked better for what we’re doing, but this stuff will work well enough. It could also have something to do with the fact that these colors are homemade and aren’t true blue watercolors.


It's so easy.  Draw your picture (or don't) and write or draw or highlight in wax resist.
It’s so easy. Draw your picture (or don’t) and write or draw or highlight in wax resist.
The dots are wax-resist stars!  The USA was also waxed.  The windows were supposed to waxed, but someone took it to task and pretty much scratched it all off with a paintbrush.
The dots are wax-resist stars! The USA was also waxed. The windows were supposed to be waxed, but someone took it to task and pretty much scratched it all off with a paintbrush.

Beanster found a space shuttle toy the other day in a donation box that had been given to our church and he has been nuts about that thing ever since! This morning I happened to find a learning pack on astronauts. It came from Homeschool Creations. I decided that since he is enamored with the shuttle, the astronaut pack should work in well. It’s an excellent pre-k pack. I also finished off a paper towel roll today, so if we can squeeze it in, we’ll make a paper towel cob rocket!

Our other adventures included playing in the sandpile and trying to learn to ride his bike. He gets a little frustrated that he can’t keep that bottom foot swinging around the bottom of the loop. He’ll learn. He loves his helmet. We were very blessed to find the bike on clearance for $29! The cheapest one I’d seen was $39 and it was plain-Jane. When we found the Angry Birds bike on sale, we got it! There’s been some trepidation and we don’t exactly have a smooth surface to ride on, so he’s not 100% into it. He wants to be, but it’s not really there yet.


I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. Peace and love, everyone.



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