Well, living in such small accommodations has certainly made things interesting. We’ve relied a lot more on things like free apps for the phone and outdoor activities. The good thing is that now we have a whole new realm of things to learn about! There are so many different birds, bugs, and trees here and there is a lot more interaction with new kiddos.

I was really worried that Beanster was being stifled a little bit because we were in such a low-impact environment. Now, there are new people to see all the time and new experiences all around us. It makes things a lot more fun. He’s also interested in things he had become completely bored with. For instance, he wants to color again. He’s beginning to show interest in paper again, in general. We’ve also taken a break from stickers. Now that I’ve gathered them all into one box…well, there are plenty to choose from. I hit the after-Christmas sales and got tons of Christmas foamy stickers…and Hannakuh. We’re not Jewish, but the stars will come in handy.

One thing that I did find that we can do now is the “stamp” pages that come in a lot of homeschooling packets. I didn’t understand what they were for, but people were raving that their kiddos loved them! If you are unfamiliar with them, it’s basically a big bold letter or shape on a piece of paper with a bunch of white dots all along the shape/letter. The kiddos take a little stamp (or sticker) and put it in the dot. I suppose it is to reinforce the shape of the letter. The reason I am now enthusiastic about this is that for Beanster’s birthday, we ordered a huge bag o’ stamps from Oriental Trading Company. 50 for $11.00. They are just a variety of stamps and you can’t really choose which ones you get, though they have PLENTY of options. These awesome little stampers will be perfect for this dot method of learning. Plus, it’s something new for him.


Well, a couple of weeks ago, someone gave me a bag of Amish Friendship bread starter. Lo, and behold, today is the day to make it. The issue is that I was going to make chicken spaghetti tonight. Hm. I may have to get another Pyrex dish! The bread is actually more of a cake and it cooks in a 9X13″ dish. So…

I have never tried this before, but I’m pretty excited about it. I have my new ziploc bags for the next few starters and I have been “smooshing” my bag per the directions every day. It’s funny how I love to cook so much, yet I have never made this stuff. I even found the starter recipe one time! I will procrastinate later, I suppose….

Anywho, I am hoping it will taste great. The only thing I worry about is our oven. Ahem. In a motor home (sort of), there is this teeny, tiny oven. Well, that sucker cooks incredibly hot and incredibly fast! I make some el cheapo cinnamon rolls yesterday and turned it down by 50 degrees. Still burned on the bottom….I ate them, though. So, I will work on this cake and see what I can get it to do. Hopefully, I won’t burn it to a crisp!


We returned to Pensacola Naval Air Station Museum on Memorial Day. It was a super fun trip. There is a second museum called Hangar Bay 1. We had never been to it, but Beanster was super excited to see a real live Blue Angel jet up close. Well, I may have been more excited than him, but it was a thrill for all of us.





There is a new “exhibit” at the museum that was super fun for the hubby and I. Beanster didn’t enjoy it so much. It’s about the aircraft carriers and it was filmed on a flight deck. There’s wind that blows all around, rumble of the jets and helicopters, and lots of action. It doesn’t last too long, but it was a very well done project. I would’ve stayed in there a few more times… 🙂


Other than that, we’re continuing the process of learning to live in such a small space with limited resources. It’s a bit of a bummer not having a tub or any more space than necessary for a shower. It stinks only having 6 gallons of hot water. I miss having a pantry that is well stocked. I miss having a full-size fridge or a king size bed.

On the other hand, there are several things that used to drive me crazy that I no longer have to deal with. I have a house that I can run as I please. I am responsible for cooking nutritious meals for my family everyday, which I really missed. Beanster doesn’t even know that he doesn’t have his toys here, so when he does see them again, it will be like Christmas! There are plusses and minuses to everything, especially down-sizing so quickly. One more plus is that we are spending TONS of family time together. We’re not spending money on things for ourselves or Bean, except food and other necessary items. It’s a whole new learning curve, but as long as we fly with the punches, we should be okay.

We still have to work on the linkage for the engine/transmission. It’s an oldie, so there’s no electronics. We still have to work on the generator, and on the Gulf Coast that is a MUST. One of the light breakers doesn’t work and we’re trying to trace that down. But we do have a new fridge, water heater, and a/c (not by choice) and they all work well, so far. We are blessed and that’s pretty much what we’re realizing. We got what we asked for: a home of our own to raise our child and have our time to ourselves. It’s so nice.



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