I guess I’m just too serious all the time.


Well, we took our field trip. We’ve had two now that were not very educational, according to my standards. The first one, I forgot all my paperwork for handouts (mostly coloring pages). The second one, well, the pictures say it all….






Let’s just say that two little boys can take a wonderfully historic fort that has existed for centuries and turn it into a giant sandbox. I guess there’s a lesson for me in all of this. I do tend to take things way too seriously, sometimes … a lot of the time. Okay, most of the time. I tend to worry about what is going on that is completely out of my control. Yes, I don’t always know where the money is coming from. Yes, the schedule is a little too tight sometimes. Yes, my child doesn’t take a nap on schedule (like today).

But, once again, I have to realize that it’s the little things you walk past everyday that make life so enjoyable. It’s sharing a smile with a complete stranger, the cool wind on a hot day, the meal that tastes extra good, the coffee that is just perfect, the laughter of a child.

Yeah, there is a lot of history contained within the walls of Fort Pickens. I know they are only three and I thought the canons would be completely fascinating to them. But a friendship was built between the boys and between us moms. Sometimes you just can’t beat that. It was a great day. We relaxed, the kids slept all the way home, and I learned a little something along the way. Let’s chalk another one up to the students being the teachers for a day.

Have a great weekend everyone. Peace and love.



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