Family Fun.


Now that we have our own “home”, a lot of things have changed for us. There are still those moments when I wake up at 2 a.m. (like today) and suddenly remember I forgot to clean out the medicine cabinet at the old place. I think of things I need to do tomorrow. I lay awake sometimes wondering where the money is going to come from. I get to the grocery store and realize the list is in the car, or worse, at home. Some things don’t change.

Others have, though. We have made a commitment to keep our family strong. We are making conscious efforts daily to renew our relationship to each other. We are spending lots of quality family time. We communicate more effectively, I hope. Living in a small space definitely puts many things in perspective. And it also makes you love each other a little more. There’s nowhere you can go when you’re mad and slam a door around here. 🙂

We do have a lot of fun around here. I can’t cook big meals like I want to, but we get to eat out at a picnic for every meal, if we want to.


We can hang out inside on rainy days and play games, puzzles, watch movies (so long as the wi-fi works). We can still make stove-top popcorn!

I did have to let go of a lot of things. I still miss some of them. Some of them I forgot about until 2 a.m. Some of them needed to go. Minimalism is great for the budget. You can’t just buy random things now, mainly because there is now no place to put any of it. Hm. We’ve finally gotten nearly everything put away around here and it’s looking more like a home. I still have to watch myself in the stores, because I think something would look so grand at home, but then I remember just how small of a space this really is.

It’s good for us, though. We’re closer-knit now. We are laughing more than we used to. We have no choice but to spend more time together.


This is a funny title to me, now. We do have some great things going on. Homeschool is a little harder, since most of his stuff is in storage. Oh well. He gets to spend time doing other things. Yesterday, for instance, Dada was trying to teach him how to skateboard. It was awesome to see the balance that child has! He’s not even 3 and he was picking it right up!

Beanster learning the basics.
Beanster learning the basics.

He still has a long way to go to reach this point, though:

Hubby realizing he's still got it!
Hubby realizing he’s still got it!

We may be pushing 40 soon, but we’ve really decided that, hey, it’s time to live life. More field trips, more family days, more spending time enjoying each other’s company. Life is way too short to miss out on all the big and small moments that happen everyday. I had no idea we were going to build such wonderful memories yesterday. Now, we have an inkling of things Beanster might be interested in. Dada got to relive his youth for a little while. Mama got to revel in it all and take about 150 pictures to brag about the moment. Life is grand, ain’t it?

I hope everyone is having a great week, so far. There’s a field trip in just a few hours (if I’m awake) and hopefully that means another blog!

Peace and love, everyone.



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