Our new life

Once again, I have to apologize for not writing in so long, but our lives had been turned completely upside down in the last few weeks. I must say that this has been one of the lowest, darkest times in our lives, but in the midst of it, God has shown Himself faithful and has worked in the realm of the miraculous on our behalf.

We ended up having to move quite quickly due to circumstances. God provided us a home that we paid for completely. We found a place to put our new home. We can afford the rent. It has tons of things for Beanster to do. It’s still close enough to our jobs that it does not really affect the fuel bill.

Now, I will say that we have had to learn to love each other just a little bit more than we did. It has called for a little more understanding than we previously had. It has required us to leave our furniture behind, consign several baby items, including the crib we thought we would have forever (4 stage). We put a few things in storage and only brought clothes and food and a few other necessary items with us. Talk about fleeing Egypt!

Needless to say, things have been difficult, especially in the way of creature comforts. Our shower requires us to stand like Irish dancers – arms at our sides. Only one person can go down the hall at a time. However, we are spending tons of quality time together. I am learning to let go of possessions that don’t mean anything. I am having to become a minimalist, which I had always said I was at heart. I am at a point that it is “make it or break it”. I think the move has been hardest on me, because I had the most possessions. Or junk. Call it what you will.

Meanwhile, we have checked off an item on our bucket list. Our home is a 1952 Greyhound bus that has been completely converted into a motorhome on the inside. We are very proud of it. Now we just have to get our CDL licenses and a lesson in 1950’s mechanics!


I hope and pray everyone has been doing well. Peace and love, everyone!


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