Let’s see. What is today? April?


Well, time is definitely flying by! Every time I look up, there is another holiday on my doorstep! It’s so funny how I look at calendars every day, yet I can’t seem to get the big picture in my head (no matter how many stores I go in that are littered with holiday knickknacks)!

I’m still working the two jobs and loving every minute of each one. I’m still trying to homeschool Beanster, but it’s harder now that I am so busy. I’ve been finding the laundry backing up a little more, also.

The one thing I’ve quit doing is surviving on my daily dose of social media. I hate to check my inbox, because I know how many e-mails are in it. I only check it once a week. And by not spending that much time on the computer, I’ve been able to spend so much more time with my little Bean!


A couple of weeks ago, I found a desk that is just right for Beanster! It is a little purple and green desk that has a desktop and a dry-erase side. We found out that the dry erase side makes a perfect easel! That first day, he painted 3 pictures with only 3 colors, but they turned out really well. I took Beanster’s pictures to work and hung them up. He gets so excited every time he sees them.

Beanster at his new easel.
Beanster at his new easel.



I think the main thing is that now that I’m spending more time with Beanster instead of more time on things for Beanster, I’m beginning to see a new child emerge. He still has his 2.5 year old moments, but I am seeing so much more development in my son. It’s such a joy to watch him grow and learn and get excited over new things.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Peace and love, everyone.



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