I’m so sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been at my new job for 2 weeks now and I am having a BLAST!!! All those useless college classes? Wow. They are coming in handy now! I still have a lot to learn, but it was so nice coming into a job partly knowing how to do most of it!

Other than that…

I’m really having to learn a new schedule. I’ve got 3 days at work, 1 day at another job, plus all the other stuff I’m involved in…plus, I have a bedroom, bathroom, and office to keep clean at the house. PLUS, we’re still potty training. That is actually going very well.

There were days when my patience was at an end and we just went in diapers for the rest of the day. There were a few days, but then you get back in the routine (key word: routine) and just keep at it. We have finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are now in the phase of underpants all day (trust me, we have about 25 pair so that we don’t have to wash every other day) and a pull-up at night.

He is so proud of himself. He is also still learning at an incredible rate. I wish I had more time to teach him more things. We’re doing a lot of outside learning now that we’re in the 70’s FINALLY! I love fall; I like winter; I can’t ever wait for spring! There’s just something about being able to not run the heat or the a/c, just a fan. It’s the dragging out of the spring clothes that were packed away in the little, bitty closet. It’s the ability to wear sandals and flip-flops without your feet getting cold, then realizing you have that little bit of toenail polish left that you put on in the middle of winter for some reason…

I’m also looking forward to a great sunny day when I can wash the sheets and hang it all out on the line to dry. There’s almost nothing better than fresh, sun-dried sheets. I love opening up the windows and letting the room air out and cleaning out all the mildew and dust that has built up.

It’s also the fresh produce that we get in the spring and summer, especially the fruit to make a fresh smoothie! It’s the peas and corn and tomatoes and all that other goodness that grows in the warmer months…ah, peaches! I can see the cobblers in my mind…..

It’s the swimming pool and the beach, the outdoor sports, the sunshine, the birds, the flowers, the gardens, the lazy summer days.

And then after 100 degree temps for a few weeks, we’re all ready for fall and winter again…

That’s what I love about the seasons. There’s just enough to make you ready for the next one. Beanster is already looking forward to Christmas, but he doesn’t realize that we have birthdays, and so many other holidays to look forward to, like the 4th of July and all the wonderful, brilliant fireworks. Or the great food at Thanksgiving and all the family that gets together. Or the trip we make to go back home…

It’s the little things in life, the changing of the seasons, the day in and day out, that can either bog us down, or make us appreciate the little things that happen every day. I choose to stop and smell the flowers. Of course, sometimes I look up again and the week has passed me by…

I still like the moments when we can just sit and flip through a magazine (like the hundreds that I have and have not yet read), reading a book with Beanster, studying the wonderful outdoors, or just taking care of business.

I hope everyone has been having a great week. Peace and love, everyone!




Beanster seriously contemplating swimming in the baptistry!
Beanster seriously contemplating swimming in the baptistry!





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