Busy, busy, busy bees.


Well, for starters, my prayers have been answered and I got a part-time job! I am now working the exact hours that my little Beanster is in daycare…and…I’m only about 2 blocks away from him! The other awesome thing is that all those useless college classes I took are now coming in handy! I’m not using my degree, per se, but I am glad I had to take all those classes! It’s so cool being able to walk into a job and already know how to do half of it! I’m pretty much out there on my own, but all I can say is… THANK GOD FOR e-MAIL!!!! That has been my saving grace and my lifeline to the person who previously had this job.

I still have my other job, but I can take Beanster with me. He has boo-koodles of toys up there, so he should be well occupied. This first job is about 35 minutes away from the house. The new job is about 2.5 minutes! 🙂


We’ve had some great outings lately! Last week, we were able to go back to Pensacola Naval Air Station and see an IMAX film about trains in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. This was our first experience taking Beanster to a theater. Thank God it was a 45 minute film. He never would have made it through a full-length feature film! He actually made it through about 20 minutes or so before he got antsy.

Beanster at the IMAX.
Beanster at the IMAX.

This past weekend we went out to a state park and met up with a family member that is super smart when it comes to the natural world. It’s always very educational being around her. This time she had a child she was tutoring in biology, so there was EXTRA education happening. Beanster had a great time.

Beanster checking out the local flora.
Beanster checking out the local flora.




The end of the walk was a great reward!
The end of the walk was a great reward!


All in all, it was great fun, but boy was it cold. Winds on the bayou that day were near freezing. We were bundled up really well and Beanster had on his mud boots, but it was still too cold to be out there long. It was great to get some science learned out in the field, literally.

As for homeschooling in the classroom, it’s getting difficult. If we could use glitter on every single project, letter, and number, someone might know the alphabet backward and forward and be able to count to 100 or more! He often says, “Let’s gwitter!” “I wan do something else. Let’s gwitter!” It’s about all I hear as soon as we walk into the office. If it doesn’t involve markers and “gwitter”, he loses interest quickly.

However, I did find “file folder” book for math the other day at a thrift store and a Hooked on Phonics book with a DVD. I haven’t completely looked at the math book, but we did pop in the dvd and he watched it intently for a good 20 minutes. I may just put it in every night and let it all sink in. He still enjoys reading and helps pick out books to read, but his attention span is still quite short. The good thing is that he is really connecting the fact that the non-pictures (words) on the page have something to do with the words I am speaking. He’s memorizing the first three words, at least, and then opening the book again, swirling his finger over the page and saying the few words he knows. It’s pretty interesting to watch the process happen. Some days you think they may never get it, then they surprise you with whole sentences!

It’s so much fun to watch him learn and grow. Right now he’s stretching out like a beanstalk. I put a pair of pajamas on him last night and they looked like yoga pants! He’s getting to be such a big boy. It’s such a joy (and a refresher course) to teach Beanster and watch him grow up before my very eyes. What a blessing!

I hope everyone has had a great week so far! Peace and love!



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